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2019-07-03 - 8:16 a.m.

First cell phone entry. Allowed teen to find me a phone. galaxy 7 android. Tried to add trac phone service and it failed. Motivation was to have GPS. So started on trip to NYC with WAYZ but realized very soon local map only saved so didn't get far with the GPS. I had printed Google map directions but reading those dark and early worked only 99% of time! ONCE OFF TRACK well... enough to get lost for hours in wee hrs of AM navigating a city in the dark. We were hours behind schedule leaving DC after being lost picking up friend.Thank God for forgiving friends who said enjoyed trip regardless.

Write this AM with vent: Why does more seem better? My shop vac disappeared after someone did work here so bought a new one a while ago. I just wanted a simple shop vac. So tried to use it this AM to removing standing water under heating cooling unit as it stopped draining . The darn blower is on. SHEESH

I give up. Was trying to clean mess and service unit myself as it's not that hard. Obvious drainage issue so routine servicing of cleaning drain line needed It should not be that hard. But instructions on how to configure shop vac improved to be a blower too are just not clear.

Just read a text from a couple days ago.
WHEN I say I dont text and dont use cell phone much zip actually mean that. Text said "Havent heard from you in a while"

Maybe I am old school but for me saying hi on Sat is not a while. Not hearing from someone for weeks or months is a while. Depends on relationship. I think it was Sat I talked to this friend who I just spent my time with last weekend?(one of the few that went to NY with me for Soren's show) My inclination would be to wonder how someone is a few weeks later, not days later. Just me I am sure. But I also get irritated at texts like that when someone can't be bothered to make time for a phone call and actual conversation. I see texts as lazy and creating a mirage of artificial intimacy without actually developing a relationship by investing in time with a person to get to know them.To me it is bulkshit when someone wants to text regularly but doesn't make actual plans. If someone makes effort to spend time and a relationship develops then texting may be appropriate if people like it. I find it irritating however and not for me. I prefer to focus on present moment without interruption and you can get my attention when we have time together. RESPECT MY ATTENTIVENESS TO work and family and others ! Ok. Done venting. 20 MIN TO call for servicing of air conditioner I shut it off 2 days ago due to water everywhere- made a call but they could come on 9th. Perhaps can find someone sooner as I give up cleaning the mess and servicing myself.

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