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2019-07-28 - 9:48 p.m.

OK This is just weird.

SUPER nice guy I am acquaintance with expressed interest in having me over for bbq. He actually makes and sells his own line of bbq sauce

So I said sure interested. Have been friends with his fam for years.

But then as we r trying to figure out time to get together

He suggests an upcoming music festival


years ago had a great day going to same festival


LIKE I said know his whole fam well. DAD AND MOM were really good friends of mine way back ..good Lord almost 15 yrs ago? We had same social group. She went through some stuff....she moved out. The hubby remained in neighborhood and we still hung out. PLATONIC FRIENDS ONLY.

She is a good 10 to 15 yrs older than me and this is her oldest son so he is late 30s early 40s....


So's his stepdad actually but no difference in reality as far as relationship he has with him.

When he said come over we BBQ a lot I was thinking as I know his parents worked out issues
And all is well..that to come over on a weekend they likely would be there and how nice it would be to see them cause they built a new house near him on this beautiful mountain. It's just over border in WV.


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