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2019-08-19 - 8:25 a.m.

Reading about swollen face and find it is c as called andioendema and thankfully in my case likely caused by food or insect bite allergy response. There are a couple possible causes:
One food allergy as I did eat some things don't usually eat on Sat.I a loo so had an itcy spot seeming from bug bite on my neck which spread into rash of small itcy bumbs. My whole face got itchy on Saturday. Sunday I awoke with hives on my face.
Today I awoke with my face completely puffed up. Glad to read Claritin or Zyrtex might help. Over the counter Benadryl knock off not doing much but I hope to not have to go to Dr

Figures have had no health problems whatsoever past couple years and then issues crop up right after lose job! For real the two last weeks of work I was wearing long sleeves and suffering with an awful rash all over body from itchy scabies caught from on dust mites. I had bought two new sets of sheets for daughter at a closing WallMart where they were a bargain on CV clearance a few weeks prior.I put them in our linen closet. I have two sets of sheets for my bed one was right in that linen closet. I had however gotten in habit of taking the one set of my bed, throwing it in the wash and rather than expending more energy in getting the other set to make bed right away just waiting til the one in laundry done and put it back on. So this time a few weeks back I thought of that second set of my sheets and being a bit more energetic decided to use them. That night I was bitten and was itcy with small bumps on arms, thighs- basically anywhere exposed. Even my stomach area was affected. So either dust mites from sheets sitting in there so long or they were introduced into closet from new ones not yet washed that sat in storage at Walmart. Either way it's ironic as I tell my girls to change sheets and if they don't it will be a health issue and will get dust mites yet when they don't I cave and l do it for them. They have heard me say th that more time than can count "Clean your room,wash the sheets and vacume as it's a health risk if you don't" . SHHESH have had fights with the one teen as eventually I do the cleaning of her room to her disdain. Yet here it is ME who regularly washes my sheets that got awful scabies!


So I read about that issue, bought permethrin spray to treat my mattress, vacuumed well, washed and changed sheets again and then treated my gross rash with tea tree oil and tecnu rash relief.

I was still working but did not take off work to see my Dr.

Scabies is contagious with close contact but trust just me no close contact at work. I just wore clothes that covered all my skin and did not want to miss work.

Reason was I had time off scheduled for another POTS specialist check up with one daughter and then time off to move her to her new college.

So I got fired on Thu, tried to see my Dr that Fri before health insurance ended just to confirm self diagnosis and be sure I was not incorrect in my assessment and treatment.

I got an the next as appointment on Mon of the following week with a nurse practitioner. She confirmed scabies and wanted me to get topical med even though in scabbed over healing stage and no new signs of spreading

cause scabies from mites is highly Contagious.

The tube of a topical cream to treat scabies was over $200. I forget exact amount as far as has how much over but I did not fill that prescription and trusted the tree oil was working.

I don't think the recent hives are related...I hope not...

The other rash had abated and skin healed or healing all over where that had been.

Just bad luck that I am healthy and see only my dr for regularly taken medication to manage anxiety and stay healthy and one OBGYN annual but otherwise no need for medical care for me in years and now have these issues right after lose health coverage!

I figured not to extend Cobra but cheaper to pay my Psychiatrist the twice yearly check up. I see her once every six mos.My med is oldest there is so also cheapest and I take only one medication.

Sheesh. Off to pharmacy to pick up Claritin or Zertec and hope they help.

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