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2019-08-22 - 1:17 p.m.

Two accomplishments yesterday:

1. Found a coupon and went to pharmacy and bought the permethrin cream for $42.

Good news was found the coupon.
Bad news is woke up Wed morn with eruption of rash all over again that was scabies. So tea tree oil killed buggers but grossly not eggs it seems.

And. The andioendema seemed to be getting much better due to zyrtec however after treatment with permethrin while was on phone talking to friend last night I got itchy and used the tea tree and tecnu and realized perhaps that andioendema was a secondary allergy triggered by one of them possibly! So hard to tell what as I also took benadryl when itchy last night and was then WAY worse. My face had been getting better but it blew up again along my neck ! At between 2 or 3am when realized permethrin cream was on skin for 12 hrs ( and it says leave on 8 to 14) I took a bath and felt some relief. I finally got to sleep. It was scary as there was so much fluid some had been seeping through skin of ears which was thinner skin I guess and then when l laid down there was that lymphatic fluid coming from ears.

The allergic reaction is the over activation of mast cells and release of lymphatic fluid to fight allergen but then not proper circulation and cleaning of it through lymphatic system as the cells are just flooded with it.

I honestly would have gone to the ER if employed and had health insurance and this made me seriously consider Cobra. I now presume the active fighting of scabies and its treatment brought the andioendema on. Either allergic reaction to mites or some medicine or treatment after my system has been responding to those stressors for weeks.

If this doesn't give away soon I will take the Cobra option.

Mainly for cost of testing. With mom with lymphoma and family with POTS and mast cell activation syndrome it makes sense for me to pay COBRA just to be sure this is nothing more to be concerned about. Just a bummer as I am tired. I Intended to rock and roll and get my basement rental ready and find a tenant ASAP. But I have little energy today.

My old tenant who was wonderful stopped by a few weeks ago as she knows a mom we with kids who need a place. Family of the lady are helping her as her hubby left. But I think she had too many kids than my space would comfortably fit.

Size of place is relative however. Twice before I have rented to a single mom with two kids who were grateful to find this place that was affordable in this expensive area.

This lady however had three or four small children
Just not sure that would work well for her. There is obviously a shortage of affordable housing for families where I live.

I hope this angioedema subsides so I can sleep and have energy to get the basement ready soon. I intended on refinishing my deck and did not get that done yet either. I know I will get an HOA letter come Fall about that! I did get the front porch painted and shrubs trimmed at least.

The rest of the house also needs deep cleaning. I just want to get my home in order first before really focusing on resume revamp and aggressive job search. I do not want to apply for jobs without a resume re-vamp. This allergy response is a bummer tapping my energy at this time when I really do have much to do.

#2 Accomplishment yesterday. I filed for unemployment.

Priorities the remainder of week other than getting better include cleaning what I can and working on my resume.

ZYRTEC seems to be working and won't use benadryl or other topical treatments today no o matter how itchy!! Challenge is to not scratch. I may put band aids on fingertips when I go to sleep!

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