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2019-08-22 - 10:49 a.m.

This is so uncomfortable

I thought this was triggered by a food allergy on Sat. The skin rash I had from pesky dest mites which was disgusting scabies had healed. I visited my doctor office (post job loss. The Mon after) and confirmed scabies.Saw a nurse practitioner who said although it was healing and the bites were in the scabbed over stage (only a bit remaining) she advised medication of permethrin topical.

Two things struck me- Two weeks prior I had purchased the pesticide spray for mites and other buggers and its ingredient was 5% permethrin with warnings hazardous to humans. Followed recommendation of treating my matress, washing the offending sheets that had mites along with two brand new sets of sheets and everything in the linen closet those were in. I vacuumed and cleaned. SO #1 I am hesitant to put a medication with the same % of an ingredient that was warned on a pesticide to be hazardous to humans on my body. And #2 Think the tee tree oil treatment worked.

I almost didn't go to the Dr. office at all !

So glad I did go to at least have option of further treatment if needed. After the appointment I went to pharmacy and it was $230 for the the topical cream! I did not get it but continued with the tree oil and some tecnu anti itch topical over the counter spray said to promote healing and prevent scarring.

So Saturday that rash was mostly gone.No more red splotches but just a few remaining singular new bumps here and there. Treated with topical tee tree and tecnu.

I went to my part time job where I am scheduled currently once a month month. After dinner my face got really itchy. That was all I noticed then. But it got increasingly worse and by 9pm as I left I noticed a hive forming on my face . The hives continued and by Sunday morn I awoke with hives all over face.I figured food allergy or a bug bite. Sign of scabies being gone and just a few bug bites I did not think the two were related.

It was a bit scary however that hives got worse and face started to swell overnight but I read about andioendema and that it is most often allergy and will resolve on own. So I took some benadryl and drove my daughter to her college as planned on Sunday.

(I initially planned to drive her on Mon but she informed me at last minute she had to be there Sunday.)

By Monday I looked like a puffer fish.
Tue same but I got some Zyrtex which seemed to work better than just Benadryl.

I did alot of driving over those days in super hot upper 90s weather without air conditioning in my car. Heat seemed to exasperate symptoms.

So I was supposed to take the drive to college with daughter early Sun and then work that afternoon. Good thing I called to get off due to mishap of us not getting out the door early enough because the symptoms got worse and I should not have been working. (I have no idea why my alarm dr I'd not go off! She was up til at least 1am packing so not surprised she kept through her alarm. We planned on leaving the house at 5am. I did not wake up til 6 and it was st least 7:30 by the time we left.

Theoretically I could have made it into we work but was worried about running late so I called that morn to ask the gal working til 2:30 if she could stay a bit late. She couldn't. My boss was awesome as she later found someone to take my shift.

The embarrassing thing was I was nervous about getting to work on time and I am sure that played into my bad driving as I too hastily was backing out if the narrow passageway that abuts a side door of the dorm and hut a decorative pole on left fender side of car just over tire. I heard a rush of air come put from the hit tire along with the impact to my car as I had my head turned all the way around looking behind my right shoulder watching behind the car to be sure it was clear. I never rely on mirrors only or back out without looking but should al also know by now backing out straight is not a forte of mine. Damn its that same darn left rear spot on car and same maneuver I have taken over and over causing me to hit something. I forget how many times I have done that. I have hit concrete poles in parking garages, boulders, (why does anyone think it a good idea for a large rock to be used as demarcation of a driveway? ), a mailbox....( that turned about to happen to belong to our family dentist who lived next to where a friend CV of mine rented the basement apartment...

SO it was a dejavu moment, especially as last year after dropping off my other daughter at her college I did the same damn thing!!! I hit a different pole at a different dorm but it was when backing out to get out of the tight area I had driven into right next to a side entrance nearest the dorm room.


So it was a bit embarrassing to call back work at around noon to see if anyone was found to cover for me as I reported could still make it but definately late as was at a Gooodyear Tire place where they were reshaping my bent rim and reported the tire was still intact with no detected damage.

WHEW thank God for Goodyear Tire near the college being open on Sun!

And thank God for my kind boss and coworker who ended up working my shift!

Because by the time I got home Sunday late evening the swelling was worse. Had I had to work I am sure the adrenaline rush of worry about being late would have continued to energize so would have driven non stop. As unhealthy as that is I know that is how my body works. I find ridiculous energy when have to.

But once I knew I had coverage as work it was like my body allowed itself to rest and sudden sleepiness kicked in. I was driving in a miserably high heat index in upper 90s and the rash was exasperated. I pulled over and slept a few times when had those idiopathic hypersomnic like moments of urge to sleep.I had dressed in long sleeved polyester or other synthetic blouse and khakis to be dressed for work and it occurred to me there was a gift shop I knew of en route.

That $10 soft cotton Blue Ridge Mountains TShirt is one I will cherish as I dont think I recall a piece of clothing other than that ever providing such relief.

When I got home and saw my face I was ssf o glad I was off work as I looked like a puffer fish. My one daughter laughed when she saw me and said "You look like an emoji"

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