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2019-08-24 - 7:24 a.m.

Having a dog compels one to do things they otherwise wouldn't be doing, such as waking at 5:30 am on Saturday.

Then giving the dog a bath and combing out tangles for next hour and then brushing a dog's teeth at 6:45 am on a Saturday morning.

6:45 AM for normal people is typically a little early to be changing sheets and laundering them.

And cleaning kitchen floors

And then pulling out carpet cleaning solution.

SO at 7:30 After my bed remade I stopped the cleaning and will rest before running the vacume and deep cleaning the living room and stairs carpets. Because Bellatrix goes nuts when the vacume runs and two teens did sleep through the rest of my morning activity but that would be a rude awakening.

Bellatrix was a good girl to awake and let me know she needed to go outside. She was in the backyard longer than typical when she came to the door to be let back in the house. She ran to the living room where she oddly kinda swatted her hands and kinda then ribbed her face down into her hands her face and my first thought was she had a bug. I though "If its alive hope she doesn't let it get away" envisioning discontent of teens if we had another bug in the house. (Just night before last in the middle of the night one yelled out 'Mom did you leave the door open? " meaning the door with the screen that has a big Bellatrix self made dog entrance as she worked on one small screen tear until it is just the right sized hole for her to jump in and out of. Having found that useful as well as clever so have left it. I admit that in those 90 degree days accompanied by low 70s nights when it's not too humid I shut off vhf the air conditioner. and open not only all windows, including one with a inch sized hole and that back door with the not useful for keeping out bugs anymore screen door.

I answered "no" and then removed the offense dr ing cricket.

So this morn when I was envisioning it was a prized locust as those are Bellstrix's favorite treat, she ran under her favorite chair. Then the dog ran out ag see in and ran to the four corners of the living room carpet and kinda rubbed on each and I thought or said "what are you doing marking your territory on the living room rug? Bellatrix then bolts up the stairs to my bedroom where she had been sleeping on my bed with with me. I follow her to see her sitting upright right in MY spot. I say no and my brain processes that smell in the house and picking her up look at her derriere and the spot on my bed to confirm she actually WAS marking territory while at the same time trying to dislodge the soft poop that got stuck in her butt fur.

Sheesh. Nothing like a dog or kids to compel one to get up and get things done one likely should do anyway but might otherwise avoid.

My carpets are long overdue for a deep clean and that task has been on my virtual to do list for a while. Today carpet cleaning moves to the actual to do list and will get done.

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