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2019-08-24 - 3:59 p.m.

I have been cleaning my living room all day and am still not at point of carpet cleaning. First I had to vacume and dust. Dust being the carrier of mites that is rather important. So I got to it and vacumed out the vents while at it. Then scrubbed the stove's hood and its vent for cooking Breaks for cleaning to take care of Belkatrix who was in her play pen area in the kitchen thankfully with a linoleum floor as she had a couple bouts of diarrhea. One teen gave her a tomato last night but I also gave her just a few corn cournals and also earlier at lunchtime yesterday crushed her flea and tick repellant pill into the reminder of my grilled ham and swiss on pumpernickel to get her to eat that. So not sure what was the offending food. She had been fussing because I was vacuuming which she hates, but I should have recoganized the whimper indicating she needed to go outside.

In between cleaning I made some Turkey soup with remainder of a Turkey breast. But other than that diversion have been cleaning all day.

When moving CDs to vacume behind the corner that's CD stand us in, which is next to a couch, a few CDs fell and there was evidence on some of their jewel cases of dead fleas or fruit flys. They are tiny but visible to the eye. Sheesh just what I need . I did spray that very couch about a week ago with an all natural pest killer for homes said to be safe for pets and humans. Maybe it worked and that is why dead.
But as cleaning in that area I also got a few of what appeared as flea bites. So I pulled out all the cds and with the vacume attachment removed dust. and anything in the dust hopefully. Then I organized them and pulled some to get rid of. I was tempted to get rid of almost all but resisted just now. With Spotify and other music apps it seems silly to keep all these CDs.

I just showered and am going to take Belkatrix for a nice walk.

She has been in her playpen all day except for some time in the backyard.

BUT after my shower I pulled a towel out of the same closet where those sheets had been that made me itchy. I thought it was one recently washed and just placed there. Just in case right after I took one swipe of towel on stomach area, I stopped, as just to be on the safe side I figured I would check it is OK. I shook it over my white sink.

I'll be damned; there they were - the tiniest little buggers barely visible but they were red mites you can see dotted on the white porcelain.

Trusting my immune system which resolved itself of the andioendema, and trusting that happened to be a food allergy my body could not handle well after stressor of these damn mites giving me scabies I just doused myself again with the tree oil. I DO have more of the permethrin but as that says a second treatment may be given in 12 days if needed (yeah that would be after eggs laid by killed buggers that did not get destroyed hatch), I will wait the 12 days for that step if necessary.

So my cleaning of sheets and items on that shelf in close proximity to the sheet set I pulled and the two brand spanking new sets from the closing Walmart I bought was not sufficient. I NEED TO EMPTY and wash everything on all those shelves.

I am thinking of also calling the exterminator to take care of fleas and dust mites once I am finished with the deep cleaning of every crevice.

DAMN those buggers are persistent. I could even see some tiny red dots on my tummy I presume were bites.

I air dried the rest of the way and threw the towel in hamper to be washed ASAP along with other items from that closet soon.

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