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2019-09-10 - 2:54 p.m.

I have a sort of routine of doing housework and house projects in morning and only when tired then going to the library to job hunt or sometimes write a bit as well when done.I found a job I was excited about on Fri at 4:45 and rushed to get the cover letter written to add to the quickly completed resume.

I drafted the letter , hit upload, then the submit button showed and I clicked it to see the 5pm freeze of screen.

Library closing.

Another day, the same thing happened as I rushed to save creative writing, and lost it as the library closed.

I just wish the library opened earlier than 10am. I need to get in flow much earlier in morn for optimal productivity and that is like my natural time to take a break time before getting in swing again.

I need to find a better routine, I think, as I grill a sandwich for now late lunch and type as waiting for it before I eat then go to the library. At least it is not Friday or Sunday which is when closing time is 5pm and I have had ADHD moments of losing work and effort wasted.

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