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2019-09-24 - 12:01 p.m.

So my mom is on hospice care.

I need to make plans to go see her. She underwent chemo and it successfully reduced a lymphoma tumor however she caught pneumonia in both lungs.

Same week of this news, a child of mine self checked in to receive in patient care. I am happy that child has awareness and wisdom to seek such help.

Of course that is a stressor as worry...

The good news is the one teen gets to school. Have to figure out how to travel to visit mom and if will be allowed, if the child seeking help wants a visit. Not sure ...

And in other news , I have a new roof being put on next week.

A friend of mine a few weeks ago alerted me to the fact IRS code changed . Know it s a big tax hit, but frankly I was going to take the hit short term for co-pay of roof and to replace basement windows.

Got a good quote on the windows and since they are VERY HARD to open it just makes me nervous to bring a tenant in again before replacing them I didn't think about that in past til was aware my tenant, when moved out, had barred the windows and taped them all shut and it occurred to me had there even been a fire there would be no way out if the one main basement door was blocked.

Terrifying to think of that possibility of not having access, so it just seemed worth it to get that done before tenant in basement.

I intended to rent it by now but put off to find out if could

and its really not a bad cost.

But lo and behold, I was not allowed to pull money from the 401K. At least not without some hoops...

So will rethink this. Might just rent it anyway.

Its still vacant as the job of getting it empty and ready and getting house in order is so overwealing. I can only get a little done each day. Trying to figure out how in the life of me I got this done in past and realize THEN I had MORE help.

Oh yeah....
prior boyfriends(s).

They did help out quite a bit. My bestie was a huge help as she come over and was such a blessing. We got tons of books and DVDS and STUFF out of house.

But there is so much more to do.

I also have the exterminator coming this week

MAYBE I rescheduled once.

Might call and put it off again.

I want to declutter and am not there yet
ITCHY at night again , but was fine for a few weeks after the natural bed bug spray. I know its bed bugs now
and thank my NY AIR BNB trip for that...

Ce la vie...

A couple weeks ago sprayed well and it was abated... a bit.

Last couple nights itchy again.
Ran sheets and was a bit better last night

But I clearly need the experts to come in and spray all the crevices. I haven't even finished de-cluttering my room! SO MUCH MORE to THROW OUT.

I hate the thought of those buggers traveling so I am trying to CLEAN anything worthy of donation! Wrap in plastic, putting some things in freezer a few days and then off to the thrift store. (YES you can FREEZE them)

Just the being responsible in managing this and de-cluttering means it takes a lot LONGER.

So doing it.
and one day I will finally get to point soon I think where I run the carpet cleaner , house is clean and THEN The exterinator comes and sprays.

I can't wait for that day.

I will take Bellatrix to visit the vet where will break down and get one of those anti flea and tick medicines (The expensive ones that world of internet tells horrifying stories of pet illness and death and side effects etc... BUT I gave it to her on VET advice the first year of her life and she was fine!)

AND THEN I will take her to the Appalachian Trail where I will first set off a flea/ bed bug bomb in my CAR and then we will go for a really long hike, and then a picnic and chilling while the car airs out.

I will bring a notebook to write. Day at that mountain. Look forward to it!

Oh and the CDC actually has some good little animated videos about how to get rid of bed bugs.

Main points being USE EXPERTS
and don't be an idiot and put off a bug bomb without reading instructions and leaving.


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