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2019-10-14 - 5:58 p.m.

Hate to be non romantic
But damn the chemical rush of the lust phase is truly awesome now, isn't it?

Oops. Wrong article initially go ahead read this too...its also a good one on completely different topic.

Then read about love. stuff.

The above isn't the exact article I originally intended to post but close enough. Interestingly it was at the four year point I got frustrated at the attorney's lack of commitment and dumped him. It was at that moment of me wanting more I believe...just fascinating the article I did post claims that is typical at the four year mark for development of attachment phase As far as love being addictive ( the lust kind) -No wonder some have trouble with fidelity and the actual attachment phase of relationships. Like my ex, the air traffic controller had issue with;t

Being in love, the early stage of lust and fixation of attraction
can be addicting. In other news, I finally finished the purge of my linen closet, washed all items keeping and am undergoing folding the huge pile of closet contents washed over weeks bit at a time while reorganizing cleaned out closets and returning items to shelves therein. This is not really successfully keeping me from obsessively thinking of the very sexy amazing man recently met.... SHEESH I had an incredible date the actual night my mother died. She passed between 11pm and 1am Its comforting in a weird way that not knowing that at the time, as one life ending something brand new in my life was birthing. Seriously, a new relationship. Not sure what this will grow into if anything more than the infancy stage it is in. But oh boy, how I so enjoy this stage. Moms funeral was beautiful and it was wonderful to spend time with family. Spent a week of hiking in mornings, swimming in afternoons and cleaning out mom's items. Bags donated, some items distributed to whom in family wanted and could use them. So it's also interesting I have been in this phase of purging and cleaning and organizing and just shifted it from my home to my parents. So fascinating to me that it clearly is just the time in my life for that inventory and reorganization. I also have a brand new roof. Nixing idea of window replacement for now. House not organized yet,still work in progress with the living room full of stuff pulled out and listed for sale. Next step freecycle.

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