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2019-11-15 - 4:31 p.m.

I am so excited about some changes occurring in my life!

I can thank the gift of unemployment.

Most significant may be having met a teacher who encouraged me to think about teaching.

The fact my Pastor also seems very interested in starting a school for autism one day, and was delighted by my background made me think of that as possible line of work.

I applied for a teaching assistant for special ed, but then considered why not explore doing what I actually LOVE and teach English Lit?

High school English would be what I would enjoy. Hey next best thing to writing is teaching others fundamentals of writing.

So I looked up the career switcher program that is offered for licensure about two weeks ago; and quickly decided to go for it.
I registered for the required exams in VA last week, and took and passed the first this Wed. (VCLA which was rather easy). I just took a practice for the subject area for Language Arts and off the bat got 83%.

That too is a passing score.

I will have met the basic requirements of passing those two core exams and will apply to the local program to train those transitioning from other careers to teaching. Its offered not far from me, and tuition is about $5000. I will apply for financial aid which I should get.

So it sounds like a viable plan. Even if I do get a job offer the classes are in the evening and weekend as designed for those working.

This makes me confident I can find a job, at least within 6 mos!

One thing I did enjoy in preparing for the exam and brushing up my skills was watching this video on literary devices.

I found it after my practice test as jotted down "aphorism" as that was one wrong answer offered but I had no idea of what it meant (I completely forgot if I actually ever learned of those).

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