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2019-11-20 - 2:08 p.m.

After a long bath, the teen finally tells me won't go to school today. Said "Too tired and it's a waste of time anyway."

Teen ate lunch and went to room saying going to sleep. I turned the router back off. Notice it on again and read about what to do with teens with POTS

#1. Get moving. Dont stay in bed. Even if tired have to get up.

The list goes on and on....

I called through door. "Are you up? At least out of bed?" , reiterating the things advised. Don't use bed except at night, get up even if don't feel well, avoid negative thoughts like "I can't manage school now because I don't feel well"

Get up. Try

I did what I can to try to encourage getting to school, even if late.
While at lunch I once again advised teen could willfully help self by choosing to go to Dad's where would say "Yes sir" and get self out of bed and to school.
I reminded I believe their brain is conditioned to listen to and respect him;
So just like chose to join civil air patrol wilfully subjecting self to follow authority they could CHOOSE to help self now. Sometimes we need external motivation and can find it if seek it out.

This child neither respects nor responds positively to me. Maybe would respond to Dad? They have a good repoire of late. Turned off router again and leaving to run my errands.

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