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2019-11-28 - 11:24 p.m.


I am pretty hooked.

And the guy has a girlfriend for past 2.5 yrs. She is emotionally distant at times, gets a ridiculous amount of alimony from her power broker ex husband billionaire lawyer ( not exaggerating...falls church VA home), so since the agreement is alimony for 10 years and that divorce was finalized only 6 most ago....

Yeah. So they were dating when separated but story is the ex hubby has moved in with masseuse girlfriend two years prior....

Ok so the man is in a hot mess of a situation.
He is the boyfriend in the shadows.

Being hurt as there is not going to get a commitment ...
Yet he helps her with her kids. I noticed a pattern that she is rarely available on a Fri or Sat night....even when her ex has her kids. She doesnt see him then like I would expect her to if she was into him.
Seems to, since she fired her nanny a good six weeks ago or so , rely on his help with her family... and has him as a date for social functions, but seems to push him away physically and not interested in intimacy with him. (Unless he is a liar. But the pattern of him around our neighborhood most Fri and Sat nights is clear.)

So the thing is, this us my NEIGHBOR.

Damn. What sucks is his house is on one of the fav dog walk routes. So it's hard to NOT think of him...

And he is so fine. I mean, my oldest child saw a pic and called him movie star handsome.


My friend is confiding in me.He is hurt in his relationship and reading about ways to end a relationship.

I just thought of sending him the Paul Simon song

I wrote below in a message not to be sent.....

Just copied here instead....

WhEW. Now I feel better. HE is off to Memphis with his lady tomorrow. So don't really think he is going to end the relationship soon as he says. Will see....
But I feel better having written about it.
Cause damn...I am smitten. Shared only the crap stuff here.
But there is much remarkable about this man * which I won't share much of out of respect for privacy of course! if anyone other than my ex reads this anyway!
Here were my thought I imagined sharing with him:

Surprisingly for me moment of feeling sad...just weird... It's a good thing. Really good. Means allow self to actually be vulnerable, to care, to not be ...resistant to actually caring about someone. So thank you. Even a discomfort can be somehow a good thing. Somehow there was just an assumption in my head as you said you were helping cooking, that you were elsewhere. So I did not avoid route passing your home. Last thing I expected was to be at a corner and look up to see you open door and emerge with lady. I quickly turned around and wow knew then how much I really like you. Damn....just damn...the intensity of feeling. Longing more than any thing else I suppose....and sad to think there is this gathering of family and friends, including your girlfriend (whether she calls herself that or not) and I was there in shadow. UNINVITED Not intending to happen upon was really weirdly poignant for me . I felt intrusive. Didn't mean to ....really felt odd , as presumed u were gone and leaving for travels from your lady friend's place. Totally assumed u were not around here....whew....I am glad you sent the hello as hearing from you makes me feel much better!!! Main point being ....DAMN.... Well. Enjoy your travel.

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