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2019-12-06 - 4:52 p.m.

Whoo Hoo!!

Good Day!

I accepted a job offer at $17 K more than I was making at my last position.

I realized I asked for too little, and likely could have gotten this job for even more... but the offer came in at MORE than I had asked for (substantially more!) so I wasn't really in a good negotiating position after having not done RECENT market research.

I started my job hunt in AUG

The salary calcuators for my job were apparently REALLY recently updated as when I ran it they showed a good $10- 15 K difference than they showed in AUG!

Tip for job hunters.
Check often if out of work for more than a couple months!

Library closing so can't write much.

But in other good news I have ordered transcripts to be sent to the career switcher program to become certified as an English Teacher.

AND today I completed the FSAFA for ME!

Fed Money gone likely... but hey worth trying ! its for SPRING 2020 session.
I managed to pass the qualifying exams for the teacher training program.

I will start the new job AND the program which meets on weekends and evenings.

My plan is to work as a contract manager as long as I enjoy it and they appreciate me, and then become a high school English teacher.

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