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2019-12-09 - 8:00 p.m.

I went to a drum circle Fri night which was wonderful.

There was one moment however which I found really upsetting.

I observed a guy put a $10 bill in the pot for the teacher, (donation- pay what you will), and then say "I am going to get change" and kinda rifle around and then pull out two five dollar bills.

It was just so disappointing and weird.

Either he made an honest mistake

OR he couldn't afford to financially contribute at the time but for some reason .... could be a few ? ( shame... or remembering some critical need forgotton? realizing can't really afford to drop the 10?)

But it was interesting how much it BOTHERED me and how I tried super hard to NOT ASSUME and NOT JUDGE the man.

Yet I still find myself not trusting whatsover that person , that I don't even know...

Just a weird moment I kinda would prefer I had not observed.


( Not likely)

Oh well... I think of it now as at the library where I am completing my FINAL unemployment compensation claim!


I start a job TOMORROW.

A GOOD job!

I was looking in email and searching on internet for phone # of last contact I interviewed with. Of course her # is on my desk at home...

I forgot to jot it down.

Happy however my search turned up her Twitter!!

Old acct from a couple of years ago in which she did not refrain from public support of some find democrat politicians I too admire...

like former Pres.

And much support of things like HEALTCARE for all, and PTOs .... community orgs..

She is very active in NCMA...

I am SO EXCITED to work for her!! EVEN MORESO now

So may system design flaws in the VA unemployment commission site. When inputting dates the site limits to current week... glitch and a bummer as things like interview dates or first made contact with potential employer are not necesssarily THAT same week filing for. Sheesh...

That is the kind of stuff I was really good at noticing and calling out when I worked on design build team and did user testing...

That was fun work.
I am however super excited to get back into contract management!

First day tomorrow, so once done with this claim ( still seeing if I can find the direct # for new boss to list), then home and to bed early !

I do have a good commute of about an hour ( on a good day) and I would say on avg will be 1.5 hrs. Ce la vie...

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