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2020-01-18 - 7:30 a.m.

I decided to forego starting the teacher education program. The problem is that student teaching is required one or two years after completing the in class work. One can defer that student teaching...

But I envision enjoying and professionally developing in my job. Its exciting as one I see growth possibilities.

I set a 5 yr plan
Envisioning it

VP of Contracts

Realistic. Attainable.

It will also create efficiencies for me to have the title so a worthy investment for my employer in a few years . Maybe sooner.

I feel like I have arrived professionally!

Facts that make me realize this:

1. I have a ghost writer rather than being a ghost writer.
A Jr. contracts administrator created first drafts of docs. I gave feedback, did some editing, taught a few essentials to him, then he prepares final docs, I review and sign and send out.

He does what I did for the attorneys I supported.

2. My actual knowledge, education and experience is RESPECTED and VALUED and I bring much to the org.

3. I received my trusted identity certified digital signature as am signatory for company on contracts.

4. Person I replaced was VP of Contracts. I have different title, less money, but have figured out it's more or less the same job after a re-org. Sorta....she was there a long time and had deeper experience obviously with their processes etc.

No concern about that last point. I GET boss is new too and came in as her boss which obviously was not working for her. Not due to my boss in the particular I am.guessing but I presume due to the role the other VP wanted. It happens....just hope our a good fit which I am confident it is.

So far so good!

Happy to have shifted sleep schedule for new job; Early to bed and early to rise. Awoke at 5:15 am on this Sat morn. Off to an exercise class after quick dog walk as boy am I stiff and miss moving! I may for the first time in years consider joining a gym. I love to jog outdoors so dont see the point typically, but there is not a shower at work. So can't drive to that area to beat traffic then run there and shower at office. Need a gym..


As my bestie would do, make a new local friend in area to run with , crash with and use shower!! Lol

She is masterful at that social

I however will research gyms.

Now, off to exercise class!

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