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2020-02-15 - 8:22 p.m.

I strongly dislike writing via phone. I am prone to losing a whole entry after a cathartic hour of release of both emotion and a good story just too many times.

The keyboard being visible blocks where on the GUI I am to click and save an entry; somehow keep missing that step in the writing process.

So clearly I have been writing for me!

The other issue I have concerning my writing is I censor myself. A writer has to edit , but I believe censoring out some truths and avoiding writung of reality does not help anyone's writing. I teslly strive for authenticity and realize that curbing myself of freely expressing myself likely results in losing some authenticity, some humanness captured that might resonates with others.

Times up...will try to write more and try to figure out how to save the this when on the the phone.

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