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2020-04-28 - 8:17 a.m.

Time to get up, again. I was up and watered my plants but very tired so read, dozed and rested letting Trixie in the yard rather than gioing on pur morning walk.

Dreams vivid last night.

Three all of same subject.

Air traffic controller being discovered with some unknown lover.

Pretty wild to have three distinctly different dreams of this wounding from my past. It was 10 yrs ago!

But recently was reminded, in part by my neighbor who struggles with fidelity while claimimg to aspire to momogomy.

Ok got that out....
Bow to dress.

Need to dress sharply as despite Coronavirus I have a date today.

Yes, in person.

One not cancelled

Ah. Power of law.

Ironically it is with the judge presiding over traffic court.

And. This capable judge ( even the best are human and susceptible to deception of expert BS artists...)
happens to be the same one that was law guardian for my kids.

I did not recognize her as such at first. She had obligation to disclose she knew me and ask if I objected.


I hold no grudge.

Its ALL my children who think she is an idiot.

But she is fortunate, they are artists, not lawyers.

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