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2020-05-07 - 10:00 p.m.

Reading about what could cause headache with weird sensation of scalp tingling.

Nah, don't think its anxiety.....
Think the headache and tingling almost like burning, hot very slight not quite itchy as no urge to scratch but uncomfortable sensation at top of my head was the main source of anxiety.

Hmmm...maybe it is anxiety? I think I DREAMed last night of breathing labored.(As had no trouble breathing today) psycosomatic? Covid fears?

However I am not one prone to anxiety. I do have history of asthma so could be last night had slight issue, but like many mild colds sumptoms present worse at night and resolve come morning. (That is not uncommon!)

Ever so slight sore throat sensation about a week ago attributed to allergies, no fever, no other issues but yesterday slight headache which today is worse and accompanied by the tingling. I also felt slightly nauseous a couple of hours ago but actually feel better after having drunk orange juice.(odd to me as woukd think acidity might not be best thing but hey figure Vitamin C can't hurt.)

Going to sleep and just hope the headache is gone in morn.
I don't often get headaches.

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