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2020-05-26 - 7:43 a.m.

I filed my taxes.
I srarted in Jan but got frustrated and put it off. So I had the pile of required paperwork for reference ready to get back at it and yesterday found time to work on this task.

I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course offered at my church ( sort of...didnt really get that far as it met when I was working my weekemd job so missed more sessions than attended.)

I PLAN on creating a more for formal budget...eventually, mainly to encourage regular donations as I know I can afford to be more generous.
Until then my spending habits are same: pay mortgage, essential bills and save what I can so when college student requests for help come in maybe I can help.

We really never ate out before this Coronavirus, nor really go anywhere truth be told other than work and occasional out to hear live music by me or a nice hike once in a while. Oh and I go to the theater a couple times a year ( usually alone. It's in part a preference and in part by default. I mean I am not dropping money on a ticket for someone ekse to accompany me that is not really into it. I would rather go alone).

I did buy one tix and drop teen off at their first KPop concert and picked her up when over for same reason. They wanted to go alone. I also bought one BTS tix for the teen for a now cancelled show.

In any case, no habits as far as spending to change but not commuting to work is far less money spent on gas. Others are hurting finincially but I benefit from this staying home as my commute was about 1hr 15 min on avg.

I so apprechiate more sleep, that's for sure.

I came here however to let others who were lax on filing of tax know Dave Ramsey offers a tax prep software no less nor more aggrevating than any other but at a better price point.
I have used Turbo tax for years, admittedly beacuse it's easy to import last years info as a start.
I started in the Ramsey software back in Jan. I forgot that fact and was trying to get back into my intuit account unsuccessfully. Kept getting locked out then after waiting the 15 min and clicking "forgot password" the site bumped me back to the "enter password" page. It was the loop repeating over and over of the password reset not happening.
I thankfully then recalled I started taxes this year with the cheaper Ramsey taxslayer because it was wicked cheap.
Yes all Tax prep software seems wicked, so at least if it is a low price point that makes it less painful to navigate.

This has some quirks, such as my input of a middke initial in the general info but then it not being added to the prepopulated name section for each W2.

So if you use a middle initial on your official paperwork my recommendation on this software in input it along with first name in that text field so it is carried forward. I thought of this late in my game, and honestly did not want to go back and re-do the whole thing. But it is a clear glitch not caught in user testing. Or a decision as they cant tell who wants the middle initial on subsequent forms.

Other than that, one has to also have your adjusted gross from last years taxes to be able to file electronically, or recall last years PIN used when filing. (I suppose some normal people write down PIN #s but I am not normal. I never write them down and only occassionally recall them so navigate password or pin re-sets as par for the course of That surprise of needing the pin or last years adjusted income comes at the en; forewarning here for the uninitiated in e filing or forgetful as it stinks to think all done but need one more thing you have misplacedor lost somewhere@

I dont even have a hard copy of last years taxes. I had to pull that info so many times for everyone's FAFSA forms (including my own when unemployed and considered the teacher certification program).

Four FAFSA forms filed this year! By the way the teen who lives with me informed me she hot a message ineligible for federal aid. Her sisters financial aid packages from their colleges arrived. I figure, and told her it is likely as she waited and filed so late that funding allocated to her school was gone already. I said defer and next year complete forms as soon as available may be the best idea.

She needs to finish high school first, only a vouple weeks left and only two classes to finish! I tried to encourage her thus weekend. She didnt really get engaged with the coursework much but did read Beowulf (start of it anyway) We took turns reading it as I couldn't recall a thing about it but studied it in college. We kinda just entertained ourselves knowing no need for a kid to really read msterisls as they dont demand much knowledge but a cursory overview and understanding. But I encouraged her that perhsps if ac th uslly read the works referenced the coursework might be more enga g.j ing and interesting. Hope ot helps and she can get motivated to log in and do the work.

Its not hard but for her as she cant stay awake for it. Yet she was interested as read and then asjed me to read when tired.
Will chikd is worried about what to do for a year if defer. I said could see if we talk to herDad and familynif she wants to ho try college but not sure how she could handle it, so I think best wait one year. With POTS just no physical stamina and she is convinced she cant handle a job that requires such. I encourage her to try ...

Anyway. I guessed at last years gross income. After all the FAFSA forms hope I recall correctly.

The other think to know, other than ot was $17 to file federal taxes with Ramsey is that his application does not accept credit cards.

So yesterday I could npt figure out wht my card was declined and I could finish the filing of my taxes.

In typical ADHD fashion I had no idea where my wallet was. I KNEW it was either here somewhere or possibly safely tucked in the pocket of a coat I am missing that I am rather sure left at work in the break room of the retirement home. I haven't been there in a couple weeks but no unusal charges so I was not worried and knew it was safe wherever I left it; knowing just misplaced not really lost.

I didnt really miss it til yesterday when tried to sign up for an absentee ballot and they adked gor my driver liscense #!

This is life wirh ADHD. You try to do things but cant find the missing piece needed so give up in momement after searching for it, knowing with great confidence ( in my case) that eventually that missing thing will turn up.

Indeed it did this morn as I pulled my comforter up on my bed and it shifted the "pile" at the foot if the bed revealing my once missing wallet.

Once I found that I could wrap up my taxes!
On to work.
When done today I will go back to the Va Board of Elections site to register for the absentee ballot.

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