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2020-06-22 - 12:38 a.m.

I wrote thoughtfully gor an hour and then had to look up some fact and *poof* lost the writing!!
To bed

Winery owner friend cane back into town after nearly 4 mos of travels. He has an arrangement with a Mennonite family from WV who he sold all his chickens to such that they keep eggs in inventory for sale. So I have stopped by and left money and brought home eggs but he has not been around for past few months. He sent a text a couple weeks ago when back.

It was good to stop by after work , pick up eggs and cheese. One cheese was made by soaking in his blackberry wine so look forward to that. He trpically cooks for me when I visit but I had already eaten at work.

We behaved....mask on kept distance.

Wow had come home..dozed.... after bath new sheets on bed.
But awoke n this time did not lose this weird to realize been friends for 10 yrs.

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