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2020-07-11 - 12:33 a.m.

I am pleased to report I now have an official knickname for "Unavailable Lover".

Dr. Fauci

Yes! Its a rather perfect knickname for him. This name was bestowed upon him as we were enjoying a socially distant walk accompanied by Bellatrix. I had received a text inquiring if I would like to go for for a walk at the exact time I happened yo be getting prepared to take Bellatrix on her walk.

At some point when passing a neighbor's home where a couple who are mutual acquaintances of both of ours, the gentleman greeted us calling my walking companion Dr. Fauci.

With a mask on its a good resemblance. Lol He is also a fan of science and facts.

I told him I really did need to grant a new knickname as Unavailable Lover does seem a bit passive aggressive. I mean I call him that in conversation to temind him of thst reality.
Thst is if he flirts or makes some stupid comment...
Along the lines of how he's going to dump his gutlfriend. . . Soon sees himself as single then devoting time to being alone to get grounded.

He is prettry grounded overall, but in love with a woman who is not as needy as him for attention, affection, companionship, communication and physical intimacy.

In short she is probably like me! LOL

I cherish alone time. Wish I had more of it truth be told.
Strange irony that in this COVID period where many talk about how hard it is to be home there literally is no lifestyle change for my teens ( as they stayed home prior to Covid all the time) with the exception of the youngest who is in school band.

Off to bed.I was up too late after a zoom call with old college acquaintances.

Work tomorrow. I have been working most weekends in July at the retirement community. Zero COVID cases as we went on lockdown before most, the company gave incentives for staff to give up other part time jobs to reduce risk, the company provided masks early on and used universal percautions consistently in the normal course of business pre-covid.


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