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2020-07-17 - 8:47 p.m.

I just finished working.
Life with ADHD. It just takes longer to get things done. I also received requests for support late in the day and once start a task prefer to just work until completion.

I did however take a few walks with Bellatrix, took a break to get dishes and laundry done, cleaned a toilet, you know those chores notice are needing tending to which are good distractions when need a break.
I needed to do somthing when in the midst of technological issues today!

While in the office yesterday my outlook file became corrupted on my laptop. The tech guys tried to fix it, then decided it was a bad section on hard drive and swapped out the harddrive ( so they said).

No issue really as I has work to do for another company I support on their machine! So during time of lap top intervention I tackled review of a couple of docs on my to do. I actually really enjoyed getting into those actually! It was a productive "geeking out" in flow moment of enjoying work.

I however had just signed a contract and was trying to email it on my returned rebuilt computer and lost my outlook on the machine. It was weird as emails draften them were stuck in tge outbox, which I discovered this AM.

As working from home with newly improved computer I also discovered that the WIFI password to my router was not where I have typically kept it!
That was an impediment!

Meetings started at 8:30 , then had a 9 and a 10 , 10:30 and noon! Meeting heavy morn! So i had a secure VPN on one computer and used it to log into all those. BUT I couldn't access work systems! Fortunately I could on the OTHER work computer for a client I support and fortunately I had a couple tasks for that company so I just did that work until my personal tech support was available (my one teenager who has the wi fi password memorized!)

So late afternoon I was on line on my actual work laptop! really did work great when I didn't have access to that computer today.

I will have to go to the office Mon to have the tech guys set up software needed that is not on my re-vamped laptop.

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