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2020-10-27 - 8:12 a.m.

Do physicans ever communicate when they see concerns that are not of the limited agenda a patient comes in for/with?

Or are they silent as its all best guess and hypothesis so not worth ridks in this age of seeking liability for any error.

I ask as I have a personal, not sure what to call it,
Personal thing....
That bugs me...
Disturbs me...
Concerns and worries me.

So the question is also for teachers , nurses. Anyone TRAINED to recognize the facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome:

If a parent has a child showing signs and symptoms does anyone actually follow up with the mother to let her know? REALLY KNOW

I don't mean " recommended don't drink"

But more

"Your low tone, floppy baby. infant who as now a toddler seeming a bit developmentally delayed, now is diagnosed with learning disabilities, has some facial patterns (for example extra wide soan between eyebrows) indicating fetal alcohol syndrome may have been the cause of these health concerns. If pregnant again Abstain from alcohol."

WHAT BOTHERS ME is if all are polite in company and no one EVER says anything this increases a sibling to then come along in the family with same issues.

It disturbs me in particular as I hate knowing the facial features so I worry about EVERY baby pic posted with them.

I know just enough for pics of babies from friends and family to worry me. Not enough to know with certitude if this facial indicators are 100% accurate and not close enough to the acquaintances to have a convo,so I think.

Which I imagine is how all those professionals feel!
But if no one is brave enough to bring up the topic that is an incredible disservice if you are a professional and tragedy in my mind. So here is my effort I can share now with friends acquaintances if brave and if wimpy at least strangers.

Heck I just wish someone close to mothers who have kids with these symptoms does recognize and have a conversation so when/if have another child a mother perhaps is able to thoughtfully plan and abstain from alcohol.

I think it is a larger concern than many realize and to me the sad thing is the health issues for a child are avoidable. It should not only be professionals aware of this.

Just saying " Surgeon general warning: alcohol use may cause birth defects" is obviously not getting the info out with clarity.

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