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2020-10-28 - 5:04 a.m.

Yeah! Found a course that will give me 30 of the 40 remaining Professional Education hrs required to maintain my NCMA certification.

I received accreditation in 2015 after having worked for over 5 yrs in contract management and having completed professional education. However at that point I was working on an Agile development project as a contract SME ensuring requirements of the contract data points for deals in the financial security space were built into the operations system design.

It was a fun job! Lower pay (data analyst pay), but I learned so much about Agile project management methodology, heck even basic SQL(which I stunk at).

Then I entered the world of operations work.

So It's been great to be back working in contract management.
Back to bed for a nap! I had the privilege of attending the NCMA World Congress this year in July and have access to lectures I didn't yet listen to only until Oct 30!

So moonlighting when I wake with the middle of night adrenaline surge to just leverage that and get it done!

Listened to the best lecture this early AM on capture management.

Timely as there is a project I envision at work with added value was discussing with co worker and I have some more insight in what analysis we should

Speaking in generalities as I never talk about work here with specifics.

In other good news

After a few months without actual voice service on my cell phone, I now have service again.

I know I was being stubborn.
But I knew this phone COULD be supported on an LTE 5G network and trac phone attestations it could not and I needed to buy a new cell phone were nonsense.

I updated the configurarion on my phone.

It took over a month to get Tracfone to unlock this (I was busy....not really big priority for me. Getting work done at work took precedence).

Then it took another month for new carrier REACH mobile to get this working.

Sim said #000 000 0000 for weeks

Finally they figured something out, likely some new software upgrade hit my phone and

TODAY it worked!

Not that it matters MUCH
But for that one momemt when it will matter it is good it is back on.

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