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2020-12-08 - 8:14 a.m.

I am disappointed that when my guitar teacher texted last week and said "10 am , right? Is that what we agreed?"
I dud not correct and say. "No"

I had initially said (the week before) I didn't want to move the time when he asked as I wanted to keep getting up early to get my day started even though not in a 9 to 5 job for someone else. The qed question was posed as I shared good news I would have more time tg o practice while not beholden to another for 40 hrs per week.

But I had also said "however I am flexible", and said if there was something better for him he could let me know. We definately had NOT however changed the time.

So the thing is we didn't move the lesson til 10 until day of, when I got a text from him posing the question
and this is the bummer and reason for disappointment:
(Besides knowing it would have been more directly honest communication from him had he just texted "May we move this to 10?" rather than the manipulative ""We agreed on 10, right?" which makes me question not his memory as much as his tactics of interaction with people using persuasion and ...suggestion...not sure what to call it other than manipulation by pretending one discussed some thing in a way when had not...
Just a red flag of narcissism trait....

Self centered tactic at influencing others.

That is great job skill for a detective inquiring: to give to give a loaded question with an implied assumed truth in hope of affirming an assumption as fact, but not a desired skill in actual development or maintaining a relationship of trust. Heck its also a bad tactic if a detectives work relies on developing a relationship with informant intended to use more than once...shuts off trust

Small thing, yet it disappoints me.
The other reason (perhaps MAIN reason it disappoints) is for th e ADHD person routines work and changes in routine pose a chalkenge and take some getting used to.

So as I forgot the change and as the time was still in head as earlier,I double booked.

I scheduled to attend an event called Executive Briefing with a firm ( prior employer I consulted with some years back who sent an invite) which happens to be focused on the exciting topic of Sarbanes Oxley compliance, and other financial audit compliance regulations. It is two day training and is an area actually of interest and also a training that does provide CPE for the NCMA recertification. Its geared toward CFOs but no matter. I basted the invite to my support staff of new company.

Figure follow the recipe of success for many new companies which I have watched in play many times:

Marketing, Marketing Marketing. FIRST

And Networking, Networking,Networking. FIRST

as you build the rest

The product can be developed based on feedback loops of customer needs..
Tip from lean management and the buzz word agile devekopment:

NEVER invest in inventory before develop clients! Or a prototype before market research and feedback.
Only ponze schemes, in various forms do that...encousge the inventory investment begore building ckient base. . .whether its cosmetics or other products being encouraged to be sold to "distributor" , "franchisee" etc....
If someone is pushing opportunity for making money by updr ou ntvinvestment for inventory IN ANYTHING

Even as a consumer one would never invest in any product before the review of marketing info, right?

Long rant...but it reminds me also of the BAD business model of lots of psycologically influential pitches providing emotional feedback loops then getting people to invest in trainings...
Thinking Landmark
Or The Happiest Project...
Or nsme your favourite get thin quick fad diet plan...
They all may have SOME legit value!! Yes! But people are not paying for the product as much as the emotionsl experience obtained, the support they need for success. Many competing products or processes could provide same thing.

In other words, so much of a business success is depends on the differentiators.

What is the unique added value?

Long rant as I vent I am double booked this AM!!

But hey, its only 1/2 hr conflict of two days of this conference.

I decided to start my own business.

So will now enjoy morning dog walk ( up later than hoped actually ).
I was up late watching my former sister in law's true crime show that she produced and wrote that debuted on TNT last year I was thrilled to discover on Hulu! Excited one of my students has a student pandora/Hulu access and put it on our playstation.

Oh my the show was freakin scary and suspenseful....

Kudos to her amazing accomplishment. She is now producer for major content provider which is huge. Articles were published when her exclusivity contract was accounced. Shes bern wriring for 20 yrs now, first for Law and Order, then Lost and then some other shows as feature writer.

The other thing was so happy to see on Hulu is the whole first season of a show my sin just wrapoed up working on for season two.

He is thrilled his career just took another step up.

He started playing a psychopath on the Walmart of TV'Ss successful cable drama,

and has moved up to play the role of a narcissist on what I would compare to an H&M of TV: trendy, new, fresh and better quality for masses marketed for young people.

Honestly his break out role which was Shakespeare at the Public Theater then aired on PBS Great Performances was am amazing thing so there is balance there of true artistry and pop culture fun! He intended to be working on the NY stage but is so grateful and blessed that he said YES to the risky move of taking the telanova job on cable TV as his TV intro as he is pleased to continue to have that steady work and now cast in something else. There is also absolute brilliance and artistry of the creator of the TV pop culture content, just of a different flavor than live theater. Good acting is good acting wherever it is...and a good story a good story and entertaining no matter how simple or ornately presented.

In other news, I sat through the first session of Master Class by Joyce Carol Oates.

Oh my

I fell asleep after listening and taking notes. I will unpack this another time...

I think however, it was an actual trauma response.

A sudden deep sleep to shut off.

I can't recall the short story by William Carlos Williams she was reading and then was to analyze.

I need to rewatch the class.

Trying to devote time to my own creative pursuits as well as working for someone else. I figure if I put as much effort, attention and energy that I typicslky put into work into nurturing my own creative ideas,
I should be able to birth some wonderful things not yet even imagined.

I believe we can all do the same if allow ourselves to.

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