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2020-12-09 - 1:06 p.m.

I kinda love getting some motivation out of the self help scammers out there.

I have gone to free sessions promoting The Happiness Project,
The Landmark Forum cult,
and the latest self help guru Brendan Bernhard's marketing peeps have been sending me emails for the "free complimentary" life coaching session that was granted when I found his High Performance Planner as needed a large desk planner ( since as an ADHD person I lose smaller ones, misplace my cell phone all too ofen so electronic calendars don't work well for me) and then sprung for the bundle and bought his book High Performance Habits.

I partake of the free sessions for a boost if motivation now and then... then balk at the tough sell high pressure tactics, be they guilt inducing (we just gave you "free stuff so psycologically you may feel brainwashed...mmm..compelled by now to believe we are the gods that will change your life" or
Appeals to ego " you are special" tactics of the opportunity offered only to a select few...

Yes effective marketing of ponze schemes...

So I happened to have procrastinated going to the library because well...

So not thrilled yo have to go there. I so very much apprechiate use of printer at my part time weekend gig ( used sparingly for essential doc letter officislly asking to resign. It was kind HR advised I do that "for the record", and the signing of the Release of Claims I won't sue for their blatant violation of ADA in their refusal to CV consider th he accomodations requested that included
Granting a 5 min window to arrive at the first meeting of day ...

I have not had issue with being on time truth be told until last few months....when highly stressed as it was clear I was in the group set to be pruned. I am in good company after a merger/acquisition...

CEO, three VPs, Director of HR...all let go..

My Performance Improvement Plan listed late for meetings( which was rare!), and failure to complete timesheet ( again rare. Petty)

I took 2 weeks severance and signed the release of claims and am moving on.

So I did print that while at part time job, but dont want to use the printer there for personal reasons as a genersl rule. Exception was the printing out Job Accomodations Network Guide as before my "resignation " the HR person suggested I ask for accomodation .
I am not sure of motive for that suggestion on her part. My boss wanted to let me go regardless.

Ce la vie..

So I do have to head to the library to accomplish a few things:

Print out chord charts from guitar teacher. ( OK I could hand write them...true)

Return a book
And most importantly sit and use the computer to complete and print out the recertification application for my CFCM certification from NCMA.

I was still home in my procrastinating going in a public place. when the phone rang from an 800 #.

It was a life coach from Brendan Berchard's empire.

I took the call.

I actually like his book. I wonder if he has a ghost writer or two?

I picked up as think that life coaching is valuable and I found his planner helpful and motivating.

I am sure the hard sell is coming....

But indulged in the "process" of the marketing.
I had signed up for a group coaching call that I attended last weekend and found it actually helpful. I thought the life coach was good.

So agreed to a 1:1 session.

See what happens when procrastinate?

It might just change your life because home to pick up a marketung call!

Ok I need to stop procrastinating, but for some reason I find it fun to read articles pulling back the curtain of any wizard so found myself indulging in research...


Stories of Bechard have not yet been as interesting as Landmark Forum, or neighboring Twelve Tribes who tried to recruit me at a local farmer's market years ago, likely attracted to me home sewn beautiful patchwork gingham skirt.

I can tell myself it is not really procrastinating but research for ideas that will germinate into a story.

Yes! What a great morning and early afternoon working on my writing (lol. This is such right?) , and attending a life cosch session!

Imagination is wonderful, right!

Now off to the library and grocery store. It is inevitable I have to go out. I already baked biscuits and oatmeal cookies this week which is what I do when cupboards getting low.

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