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2020-12-10 - 4:30 p.m.

It turned out the recertification application I was required to submit took all of 5 minutes to complete.

I met my goal of getting it done, but had not been thrilled to have to go to the library so put it off . Covid #s up in my county...

I am impressed however at my public library mitigation practices. They have keyboards covered with plastic wrap, and when done the user is to flip over the keyboard upside down as a signal to the librarians to come sanitize the area and replace with a new plastic wrap cover.

I am sitting here virtually alone in a corner of the library next to a large air filer just feet away.

There are large plastic screening panels between this area and the closest adjacent one.

The reason I had to come to the library was on my phone the mobile site for NCMA did not allow me to access the section on the web site interface where I could confirm the completed CPE.

I knew I might need some more education hours, but also was not sure as did spend time watching every possible training from a conference I attended this year. Those video and then enrolled in a masters course at a local college that offered a program just a few weeks ago. I knew before I enrolled that it would give me the hours needed, but when I received the certificate of completion it did not list CPE hours so I reviewed the school site. It had MORE for the IN PERSON class and only 27 for the ON LINE class which I took.

So I was worried I might be shy some professional credits.

From comfort of home I quickly rifled through emails to find a so called "Executive Briefing" program from a large well respected and well known accounting and financial auditing firm I happened to have worked for a few years back. They had hired me for the data/contract analyst job where I reviewed contracts in support of an agile build of a new operations system

That was really interesting work actually!

So I figured classes on audit and accounting record keeping during COVID are practical...contract managers really do need to know all sorts of things, inluding working with accounting teams to be sure requirements are met for reporting, Sarbanes Oxly, Gatt requirements... etc... etc... the list goes on.

I sat through a number of those sessions for the CPE to discover when I got to the library finally ,
that I do not need them for the recertification. I lready had enough CPE hrs! They were good to hop onto regardless, if only for MARKETING as I registered under the name of the NEW COMPANY I decided to launch.

Heck I learned much at my last job,
not the least being that my services are valuable in the market... and I do provide them well...
and just like in job hunting as I avoid middle man if can and prefer to be hired directly by a company and not a staffing agency,
in this case I believe I can also avoid the middle man and sell my own services direct but as a consulting company do so to more than one company for geeate job security.

I was after all outsourced for twice what I used to charge per hour for my immigration consulting work twenty years ago.

DAMN its been that long.

Heck I ran my own company before outsourcing legal services.

This time I will outsource contract management services and also possibly , if there are some engineers, project managers, other contract administrators, software developers...etc....interested.... and a GOOD HR head hunter,
well then I may end up as a provider of not only contract management services but submit some proposals to provide that support.

I know I am strong at proposal development and responses.
I was the SME for that in the legal dept of the tech company; I supported a recent client ( when outsourced) who was STELLAR and I am so grateful to have learned much from them.

Heck, who knows?
If I am a small, women owned, disabled, in a HUB Zone business perhaps I could win a bid.

Worth trying.
Much of success in that area is perseverance and relationship development.

I am expert at #1 and will work at #2 as rainmaking is the biggest challenge...Capture management... being a good BD mind, or person....


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