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2020-12-11 - 2:04 p.m.

Ok. so my reasearch oh High Performance Coaching does not turn up any horror stories other than the questionable seminar of over exaggerated get rich fast scheme, and the fact is a corporate entity with venture capital backing it which I am more inclined to want find the stock ticker on and invest in than drop large sums on life coaching. I think they are actually substantial in their coaching services. Definately valuable for those with money who want to invest in bringing themselves to their next step at performing. But to use my fav analogy again, I am the Target shopper and their market serms like the Nordstrom. O"Lily and boutique market shoppers. I can get the same thing I believe, without some extras- but basic life coaching to grt me off my butt each morn without a high sticker price.

The thing is that critics seem to be those who balked thinking it sounded too good to be true, and it appears that those who actually chose to pay for life coaching find it of value.

I found it of value when I hired a life coach years ago.

The high performance coaches make it pretty clear they see themselves as different from the typical average life coaches.
To me that is the marketing hype, that you are "special" if they will work with you.

I find that questionable yet regardless agree life coaching in general is a decent investment which like most education typically does yield return on investment.

Too few of us invest in our SELVES.

We should! If we are our best selves we can be more present and helpful to others.

So I was looking forward to the next step of the marketing coaching session sales pitch...from ( you can look them up. Their goal is to be the Amazon of the self help biz. Heck I wish I bought stock in amazon years ago! I wish I had not needed to sell Target stock to pay lawyers...So if has a ticker invest now!)
I get it..
This is a successfully growing corporate coaching machine. They have good capitalization and actual clearly speak in terms of what you get for your "investment". The life coach said that when I inquired about costs. " We can go two routes: I can tell you what you get for your investment first, or we can go the second route of sceduling a life coaching session to see if you are a good fit." I did not laugh as thought "Oh, I'll take the free stuff first!" Sure, a free coaching session along with sakes pitch of how I am one of the selwct few specisl ones .... Last time I heard that line it was for a pitch for a govt job with an agency that thought they really were godlike apparently... Lol And then made an insulting offer which come to actually 55% of my most recent salary. No $fr45@! kidding. How is that for intelligence? I mean why waste everyones time to have some ahole zenophobic misogynistic idiot be the final arbitor of decidion of salary to negotiate. That guy was an ass. True that I did ask him how the screen for avoidence if only narcissists wanting to take the job after impressing upon how they want those who are so "special"... I just couldn't sit through BS brainwashing.... My BS meter really kicks in when anyone tries to use psychologically manipulative tactics. Its a fucking gift. I shouldn't still feel bitter at that but somehow that felt like such a betrayal. But I I came back JUST to fix a typo and wandered with the memory and golloeed that train of thought.... So back to and their corporate machine that include Brenden Bechard's High Performance Coaching,

If if were an ESOP I would be truly impressed...
Not sure why that model hasn't taken off.

But I do think they have a decent product.

I had a 1:30 sales call/coaching session scheduled as for some unknown reason I answered the 1 800 sales call from them.

I went to bed around 10 the night before but unfortunately did something uncharacteristic of me as awoke at 1am ( not atypical) and went to the bathroom, walked downstairs as saw a light on and wanted to shut it off, but then after came up had trouble falling back asleep this it is the atypical part for me....

the demise of a good night's slee: ....

I picked up my phone!!

And. yes...scrolled....

And yes was awake for a good hour or more.

Then I fell asleep with phone in bed! Not plugged in and charging as made the mistake of looking at it AFTER reading a book before bed.

Now these are behaviors I don't typicslly have:
Looking at phone as fall asleep
Look at it when waje up in middle of night


Surprise, surprise

I slept poorly, awoke LATE at 10AM!!
I never wake that late!

Missed my morning review of calendar

Knew had appointment between 10 and 11 to pick up grocery order and plan for teen to drive to that.

Glad teen was ready!

So we went to get the groceries and run some errands- dropped off Amazon returns at a UPS for lady at the retirement home , picked up a Chrismas tree from a 90 yr old farmer named Jim whom we had to chat with for a while , stopped by my egg supplier ( winery owner friend's place. He was nowhere to be seen and there was the "Closed for Private Event" sign happy to see was likely just deterrence as think he was not home.)

We took the scenic drive home in the beautiful road toward West Va so tern could get in driving practice.

Have I mentioned yet the fun of teaching my older teen how to drive?
Oh yeah one stop was a break for me as I ran into the retirement home to give the lasy the receipt for her packages being returned. There were three boxes! She exhibits the good example forvthe care providers to ses of how one should value themself! She bought about five pairs of slippers so she could try them all on and get what is comfortable as she has diabetes and swelling. Some of the med techs/aides never saw anyone shop like her and I think it is a lesson in self care! She tried them sll on and kept the most comfortable and I shipped the rest back for her.It was a project as first had to help her get into her Amazon acct with her son on the line from a work computer to print the return labels. I did that on shift over the weekend and when in town for groceries made the drop off at designated UPS. After driving around it was good for me to run in and give the receipt before going back to being the passenger of new driver!

Today three stop signs near miss of a truck in left lane as lane change made....prompting reminder one has to turn head before doing lane change to the left ...

But overall an ok drive not as terrifying as prior new driver excursions frankly.

I asked my teen "Did you take your ADHD medicine today?

"No I forgot"...

Good reminder that it helps to get into a routine and take it every morning at the same time.

My kid said, "But I don't wake up at the same time" to which I replied that it is a choice to get into a routine and wake at same time which can be made.

Hope this kid figures this out and makes the choice of routine ar some point....

I feel like my one night anomoly of disruption of my sleep shows how anyone could really quickly change their sleep to not be normal by only a few behavior changes!

I really think constant use of technology is one of the worst things.

That reminds me, as we were driving to the Wegman's for the grocery pick up I saw my watch in the car consul. I thought " Oh, we should take the road past the battery store and get a battery for my watch."

I then forgot, darn!

If I had a watch on I se ould be more mindful of time.
It is a simple habit I benefit from!
The battery died some tome ago and I notice increase in me not being aware of time and forgettimg about things until it is time for them, then veing late.

I think of this as if more people were old school and used watches more and phones less I feel likecthe worldx would just be a better place.

People like to rely on phones to know the time. But then the accessibility of the computer attached to their person at all times is I think a huge distraction to being fully present in the moment of where one is. I think lack of full presence and engagement is a serious problem.

Well, I sent an email and left a message and the life coach did not get back to me as I missed the appointment.

The goid news is as I cane up to my room announcing I had an appointment and asking kids to all help unload the groceries and tree they all worked together and got it done! So back to it...

I will go pull out the tree stand from the attic as I did not hear that done; as it's t1ime to decorate the house! Its nice out and I heard some teens on the porch. Jim the farmer gave us some lovely greens, mistletoe and red berries I promptly forgot the name of so we can sit on the porch and make a wreath as well.

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