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2021-01-06 - 2:14 p.m.

I did not intend to start job hunting in earnest yet.

However I do believe in doing work one loves with passion so before taking any old job I always first try to find what is out there I could fully embrace with joy and passion and energy. I first look to find things truly congruent with my passions in life BEFORE finding what realistically manifests as available to me. Taking what opportunity arises I then find the joy in it, the value in it which helps energize me.

I can always find it. What messes me up is I bring more passionate as an advocate for the underdog, the unseen, the unheard, the disregarded.

Whether it is due to color of skin, age, disability, sex, orientation, I always champion the inclusion of the different voice some seem scared to hear.

Then I have at times been pushed out.

So I dream of a job as an activist, as an advocate, as a leader, but also as a professional.
A job where I can wholeheartedly focus on a mission , my role, without distraction of having to work toward equity and inclusion in the space I am working in,

as that is inherently manifest already in the space.

So some non profit dream jobs I have applied for that I was just reminded of as I looked at my Linked In job hunt history: CHADD Director, VOTO LATINO Director, Program Manager for an Americorp Project homeless shelter in a nearby large town, Group Home Manager, Immigration Services Paralegal, Park Ranger at National Park site, and some I don't recall including grant writing jobs for non profits.

All of these , except the CHADD role would have been a cut in pay but I felt worth it to take a worthwhile job itself infused with value of its whole point being to help others in some manner.

The thing is, it is very challenging to transition to non profit management as a career.

I just realized, had this AH HA moment, that the non profit experience as a volunteer has not been emphasized in my job searches. I work with a board I have influenced (despite their resistance at times), to grow.

I have experience with marketing, data analytics, grant applications and fundraising which I am proud yielded increased donations.

I had encouraged our board to track metrics and publish the fundraising and our budget. I have encouraged strategic planning and long term financial management.

Heck I encouraged them to HIRE someone to do this. I just saw a posting for a Development Director and I realize I have done this pretty well MOONLIGHTING.

Heck, I could do so amazingly if it were my 9-5 job for a non profit I am passionate about!

It's a stretch but I am energized to work on my resume, draft a cover letter and apply. Some reading:

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