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2021-02-03 - 7:41 a.m.

Oh my!
I am so digging Sylvan Esso's music this morn.

I need to practice guitar and work on transcribing the basic melody of two diddys I recorded onto my answering machine before the 30 day limit to save a message expired and *poof* they disappear. I crafted the words in a sort of poem first,so have that. I suppose I therefore know could sufficiently rework a tune to not be particularly motivsted with a great sense of urgency.

I read an interview with some actor in which he said fear is a great motivator.

I thought that very sad.

I mean to create and hustle and work hard only out of fear? To me that is adrenalne rush and anxiety and NEED to create

I just WANT to create out of desire, not need.

Maybe it is harder to then get motivated in that case.

Why ?

I do know that others motivate us more than self, in many respects.
I think the best work comes from collaboration.

All this to say my oldest offspring is in a band that is creating such good music while individually recording then mixing while they are located all over the county.


One of their friends recorded a thing that went tick tox viral and suddenly had a hit pop song and mega followers and professional recording interest etc. It just blew up and I have no idea that artist name as I was not paying enough attention.

But I leave you with this as it came on, as I was listening to Sylvan Esso thinking they sorta remind me of the style ( sorta) of my eldest's band, and the vibe of this song is so me:


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