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2021-02-24 - 3:24 p.m.

I am very pleased with envisioning how I would like my life to be and then doing what needs to be done to create it.

I just read an article about the creator of Authentic Talent Agency.

He lived in NY with a family and wanted to continued to be rooted with his family. He was out of a job and the opportunities were all in LA.

So he did the only logical thing.

He started his own business.

Solo, then with one other person!

It was a belief in himself and yes a lot of hard work but more so wanting to prioritize what was important to him.

He talks about how philanthropy, service to others and giving what one can to the world were his goals.

A student of Buddhism he CREATED a life grounded in his spiritual practices by keeping that foundation strong.

What a great story!

18 years late ( I think? something like that) his talent agency is now a top one in both LA and NY.

And he still gets to go to Haiti to support the work he feels is important there of providing good medical care to pregnant moms for healthy babies to be born. Something like that... as well as service project for the company to participate in in India and local in NYC, and the Dominican Republic as well.


Great vision , with belief in his capability and then figure out how to do it.

As for me the biggest challenge is getting my company EMAIL up and running. I tried to configure that myself and failed. It may be that I didn't hit GO LIVE on the hosted web site and it might be linked?
But I am going to either figure it out or call my hosting provider help desk for support and have them walk me through it.

I LAUGHED at myself as when I managed the web site for the Arts ORG I used WordPress. So when the hosting provider I found a great rate for, including security I would require IF I had some government consulting gigs offered WORDPRESS I figured " Oh Good, I am familiar with that tool. EVEN if complicated and not the easiest to use- I have used it successfully."

So I went ahead and purchased the domain with all the bells and whistles of its basic their security knowing it can be bolstered.

Part of the reason for the quick purchase is I got a Great price for the domain name I wanted and I KNOW the minute search for a domain name GO DADDY is ON IT ... and will often buy it... then jack up the price.

However how could I forget the research the next marketing director of the arts org did to find
WIX is a hell of a lot easier to use to set up a web site.

I am still fighting with my web design.

I have a bare bones site.
Its not bad. Actually to be more accurate I am not really fighting with the web design piece... its not Wordpress per se... but all the other configurations and the email set up.

I want to register the business using the new email with the new company name.

Gmail is NOT secure, so having the email through this hosting provider is a better idea.
No way I want to do business via gmail.

that being said...

I am happy with some good interviews and options for work but the offers coming in are to be a W2 employee!! I really did not want that frankly. Since dedicating part of home for an office I did hope to deduct its expenses. However, I am holding out for the right fit and am looking forward to an offer that is coming TODAY!!! YEAH! I am very excited about this possibility and even though it is a W2 if they come in paying me the rate discussed and agreed on I can make it work.

At every interview I set forth that I want to run my own company. I am not opposed to being an employee as long the employer allows me to do so with the promise I will not compete with the employer.

I take that VERY seriously.

One fun fact. Tax code changed in 2018 ( I think?) and through 2025 a deduction for use of home for business is NOT applicable for any remote work done for an employer if one is a w2 employee. Previously such deduction was allowable.

After the LAST job where I was literally remote from my kitchen table all year... or the porch outside in GOOD weather, I decided after the blender incident that may have impacted my boss' decision to fire me, I really needed to do SOMETHING different to effectively work from home.

I am pleased to have set up a basement office AWAY from the fray. It was in a space designated as a bedroom for one teen that NEVER spends time there. That teen preferred to take over the common area in an adjacent room. So I am moving myself into the basement. My teen was super helpful and we moved out their bed, and moved in my desk and I am in the midst of house cleaning and re-organization. It felt so good! I basically 'staged' a nice area for interviews by moving plants down there and a nice end table with some trade magazines. My desk is pristine (for now), however I am sorting through the pile of former desk contents that is on the kitchen table. Over the past two days I made progress of sorting and purging, throwing out stuff. For some reason I have a problem parting with those personalized labels that celebrate every possible holiday as well as themes aligned with the non profit I sent money to. Some are do darn cute! I mean I have hearts for Valentine's day on return labels ( recently used 25 of them as I sent out church members a a cherry card and have yet more for next year!) ; Cute Christmas labels, myriad Native American themed, Trees and more trees ( That you National Arbor Society), music themed.. art themed... Easter seals, Pumpkins and apples for Fall, winter scenes, lighthouses ( no clue why), Save the Bay .... etc and on and on. I have to say I have an aversion to marketing campaigns that send free stuff to try to guilt one into donations. BUT I SO ENJOY THOSE LABELS! Its hilarious that I could fill a whole shoebox sized storage container with them, set with the sheet upright, the box packed end to end. I formerly kept them in one of those metal file organizers, the kind with shelf like slots on one side, and vertical slots on the other. These were bursting forth along with cards sent in thanks ( or with guilt to try to induce money sent). I respond to gratitude but not guilt. I admit once in disgust I CASHED the $1 check sent from Mother Against Drunk Driving. It was not that I don't support the organization but I cringe at the ridiculousness of that tactic of sending money in hopes to guilt the person to say " OH how NICE You sent me a dollar check! SURE I will rip it up and send you back ten dollars. What a great idea!" Now it might work... But just NO I do not want to support that kind of marketing technique!! So I cashed the check hoping it will STOP. Or at least I would be off their list... I mean I did send them money once. But the thing is, I try to SHARE the love. So it is annoying to be on the list forevermore and to have some places sell my info so suddenly every Native American relief org in the SW sends me solicitations. Oh but I do like the socks one sent... That was a bit clever... Random cute socks. LOL And I have to admidt after bitching about that tactic I did send money after I received a Water is Life T shirt. Heck I searched for similar shirts which was a Christmas gift sent to my son and his girlfriend a few years ago. Donations in their names with shirts ordered to be sent to them. She is Hawaiian , mother native. so I knew that would be appreciated. Change is good! I came back here just to edit as the page was open after I saved it and I went on about those labels... as I really should just toss most out! But they are this fun thing I so enjoy for some reason! I LOVE the idea of writing old fashioned letters. I love sending post cards. I think it is because I really just so enjoy writing to someone and reading a letter from someone. Nothing quite as much fun I think. I feel like there is something lost when we don't communicate through writing. There is a richness to written thoughts which I think is often alluded in the spoken conversations. There are of course nuances of body language, expression but I think people react and modify their thoughts based on how it is received. OR They are not good at reading body language and not good at self regulation of their own bodies, be it body language or tone of voice that for some there is a block to good communication in person. OR there are those with an ego that just gets in the way... they can't hear anyone else. So I think that writing to another is a wonderful means of connection.
AH 8pm. I had to take a teen to a Dr. Appointment. Not sure why it took so long to consider taking all the kids to see an allergist. One of the oldest of the four from my 2nd hubby went herself and reported that she is allergic to " Almost everything" As she said with a laugh. Not quite, but more allergies than expected. I mean these kids have POTS, EDS ,MCAS...etc.... neuropathy. , raynauds.... the list goes on ...and on... I brought one to a Dermatologist on Monday. Its the week of seeing specialists that in the family where no one went to the Dr. when growing up unless OBVIOUSLY in need of such ( like look like might be dying....) Well... when we went to the phamacist to pick up a prescription medication for exzema that was rather bad, the OTHER five prescriptions were ready. At least they are finally all be refilled at the same time! ( POTS medications!) So I am super excited about the job offer as it is PART TIME. I will have time to help chauffer these teens to appointments. Managing POTS is a part time job in itself. Covid long haulers are basically struck with disruption of the autonomic nervous system, often knows as Post Orthostatic Tracacardia Syndrome. I might not have mentioned that yet.. but yeah There is suddenly more understanding of the medical condition my teens have been living with for years now. And my MOM before them, and my oldest kid as well, and me at some times in my life ; although my symptoms all miraculously got better in my mid 40s! AFTER starting intense exercise running regularly. The crazy thing is I do think misdiagnosis is par for the course with dysautonomia. There are SO MANY things that can cause the same symptoms, but psychological affects are interestingly the MOST OBVIOUS signs. There is a tendency to treat those effects of the underlying physial condition itself and not figure out what is causing it. So it very may well be that ADHD was misdiagnosis for one of my kids who was having brain fog and inattention due to poor blood circulation. So I received a call at 2:41 pm today from the recruiter confirming that the offer letter for me was being emailed over this afternoon. I have paperwork to complete and return. They met me in the middle after some negotiaton. I am thrilled! But ... I had a phone call scheduled at 3pm for the non profit .... THEN after handling that business ... Time to shuttle one to Dr. And then time to cook dinner, eat.. clean up... Heck I am tired and started writing not just editing! It happens... I should open my email. I want to wait til morning but I already thawed out a Chocolate Silk Pie that was frozen to celebrate if I have the offer letter!! Whew... OK So time to stop procrastinating. I can just open it. Then read carefully and sign in AM. But if it is there I can go eat a piece of pie and go to bed early! I DID NOT sleep well last night which was a good sign I think. I was excited. A main priority for me is that I do not want a full time job now! I need to be able to help my kids navigate their health so I am super excited to have been really decisive in what I wanted and to have looked for it! What is great is that this recruiter found me and it was JUST PERFECT. I am so glad I did not earnestly pursue other opportunities. AH Just checked email and didn't yet see a contract... will look in the AM. and check in my spam... as a recruiter is sending it who is different than the one I have corresponded with. She might have just not gotten the contract ready to send me yet. It needed some customized modification after negotiation ; ) The last message I got was it should be sent over this afternoon. But no worry as if not here I expect will be in AM. Regardless.. I will sleep well tonight! I KNOW The offer is coming! Oh, and on second thought as well, Chocolate Silk Pie is better for breakfast than right before bed!

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