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2021-03-08 - 9:56 p.m.

Crap I meant to reach out to my guitar teacher to reschedule my lesson this week but forgot!

I best go find my phone and send the message now. I had a really good week with my guitar. I had bought a DVD "Learn to Play Guitar" years ago, with a guy named Steve McCay, an Australian musician I never heard of, teaching basic guitar, He mentioned a few famous folks he played with at some point in the DVD but I forget who.

I had a hand me down old guitar, it actually came to me by way of a dear friend (or I should say friends... I feel like June gave it to me and it was an old one from Henry' house...way back in the day! I have this memory that it was Henry's old beater guitar. He had made a replacement peg for one that was broken at some point. I could never tune the darn thing. It was truly crappy but the time I had it. I think he likely had it for one of his kids to noodle on when they were young.

The trouble is if an instrument is out of tune it irritates, so I never got beyond trying to tune that darn thing.

So I would try to teach myself with the DVD and spent time tuning and get rolling and inevitably either something interrupted and I could not continue or I got tired and it was just enough. After 15 min tuning I was frustrated, or my attention waned. I tell you when have ADHD if get frustrated it is sometimes hard to hold attention!! I am TRAINED to be disciplined at work of course! It is fascinating to me how it is so much harder to be disciplined to not give up when it is something personal. It is SO much easier to tune the guitar I am learning on, which is a borrowed one from my son. It arrived here along with the contents of his former NYC apt which are in storage indefinitely and I was grateful he said I could borrow it to learn on.

So yesterday it was really gratifying to pull out that Learn to Play Guitar and work through some of its lessons as well as the ones my teacher gave me.

I didn't really feel like I knew how to play yet until Friday night actually, when I picked up my friend's guitar that he aspirationally bought and started noodling. I practiced there in his winery for a bit after we had eaten pizza. It was such a nice chill evening. It felt so good to be so relaxed and not actually be over thinking as I strummed. It was interesting and I think I was more relaxed as he can't play any instruments and has no musical experience whatsoever. So there was ZERO pressure, and for some reason the practicing seemed easier I suppose due to knowing I would not be judged in any way whatsoever. It was interesting to me as the contrast to me was more obvious that when I played around anyone before I never felt READY to do so, but that time is was just easy. I think before I WANTED to be good but knew I wasn't and then felt anxiety in the moment- whereas on Friday I was just putzing around and didn't really care and then realized it sounded good!

I am also happy I found a better routine to get more disciplined about practicing. If I awaken, walk the dog and THEN practice the guitar before doing anything else I get it done!
I find it much easier to be disciplined with any routine in the early morning. Whether it is to get into the habit of exercise. or work, or learning something new, or chores- if I plan and schedule for a morning routine with regularity I make progress.

So it felt great to practice along with the old DVD and recognize I HAVE learned much since I started! It was the first time I could actually play along with the DVD following its simple lessons.

Simple... nothing complex.
But still, it was exciting to feel like I am playing guitar! I have not learned any songs yet. But that will come...

I did write two! then I lost the sung recording of them. I saved them in voicemail as didn't figure out how else to save the ideas when they popped in my head. I am SURE I can find a recording app somewhere easily- I need to do so for the next time I hear a song.

My son used to make up songs when he was small. I have one picture he drew of a song he heard. I tried to transcribe but my notation was not strong enough. I didn't get further than the first measure or two I think!! He was hearing the thing in four part harmony.. Not kidding...
the kid was always gifted.

But it made me really happy as I feel like once I master transitions quickly and playing around with the harmonies of chords I will be able to write.

Ah to find my phone and reschedule!

I was busy cleaning the house tonight as I bought a new vacuum today. It took about two hours to vacuum the main floor, return vents and stairwells and dust thoroughly. I did part of an upstairs hall but still have more to go! This time its a Hoover and worked well. I hope this one lasts! No more of that baking soda based carpet fresh for my teen's rooms ! That is what I think ruined the motor on the other vacume.

Back to looking for the phone. Came to computer to vent as couldn't find it and JUST NOW realized I can use the computer to reach my teacher! OF course...
that works.

One quick message and then goodnight!

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