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2021-03-09 - 7:29 a.m.

Good Morning! Today's morning page is to be brief. I am writing before practicing guitar for 15 min simply as the computer is here next to bed and I am still lounging in it. I awoke with the sunrise, took it in as I have a beautiful view from my bedroom window. I opted to intentionally pray ( not sure if mentioned before but the rosary is my thing. Grew up a good Catholic with that as a chosen prayer ever since high school. The Lord's Prayer is truly my fav of all: "They Will Be Done" hidden in there which some might not notice much... but I find really comforting); then go back to sleep for one more hour to be rested as I was up too late for me last night.

Typical ADHD moment of after cleaning and organizing the downstairs the last thing I did was unplug my phone and grab a pile of my things I was removing from the living room; but a teen came and asked me something ( I forget now!!! That is the problem in retracing steps... .What was it that I had to then do? Where did I go??)
So somehow did not go direct from the living room to upstairs to put my things away.

And I have no idea where my cell phone landed! I called it and it went right to voice mail as I had SHUT IT OFF intending to go right to bed!

Today I am pleased to read a lovely encouraging horoscope! (I swear they are fun to read as are often positive affirmations)

"Mar 09, 2021 -
This is a really wonderful day to make some major moves at work, and what’s especially wonderful is that you won’t have to stay late and burn the midnight oil in order to make it happen. The Moon is spending much of the day in Aquarius and your 6thHouse of work and routine, so you’re primed to make this Tuesday count one way or another, even if your coworkers are already thinking about their weekend plans.

This potent energy is amplified ten times over by the fact that throughout the day la Luna will conjunct karmic Saturn in this same sector of your chart, ensuring that any projects you tackle now won’t be small ones at all, but they won’t have a small pay off, either. You can expect things to get big thanks to the Moon also forming a tense square to revolutionary Uranus in your sector of global expansion.

Don’t be scared to roll up your sleeves and get to work, Virgo, because you’ll have more drive and efficiency at your beck and call than you probably even realize"

YEAH!! I start my new job today! So that is a nice way to begin my day with that intention of killing it!

Go kill your day!

Get it done with intention and find your energy. : )

I will leave in one hour. Will get ready then plan 15 min to strum a few cords and 15 min for a quick dog walk then to get ready to go.
Best part is this job is PART TIME. Honestly that is all I will need to work to get it done .I know this.

I already have clear plans of what I can do for this company. I am truly excited to work with this team I am joining today. It is a company that I interacted with on one end of a service provided in past. As the service provider to them, I handled a contract for one company. So when they saw my interest and they were looking it was an ideal mutual fit. The know me and my work and my style of gentle nudging when things need to be done... and nudging... and helping get it done if help needed. And they know I am responsive when asked for things to be done. So my reputation and past performance was already strong and they are genuinely excited to bring me on board.

That feels so good. To know that this company already has seen me in action and knows my capabilty and values that and is looking forward to the collaboration.

I didn't yet call all my references and announce and thank them but will do so. Want to get oriented at the new role first. (Mainly as one had consulting work for me, anotehr I think looking for a move...and I think actually wanted to work with me if I started my own company and have work for him. I sometimes miss the nuances but he was telling me he wants something new... and since a month before I told him I was intending to start own company and eventually hope to LAND work for capable people I know not content where are or being utilized to potential... but I am no where ready to do that. I COULD refer however...)

So in any case, I am focusing on this week getting oriented in job and then after settle in will reach out to my peeps.

Oh and this week is GIVE CHOOSE! So I need to send out a marketing blast for that. The one I sent out last week performed well and reached a larger number of folks than the recent ones our group ran. So that is progress. If I get one donation for our org from that it was worth the time and effort. (I am SLOW at creating ads! But it is gratifying!)

OK now 45 min... see this is why guitar should come first so still have time for it! LOL PS found phone!! Guitar practice will have to wait so on time this AM- came back just for that update!! It was in my room in pile of SHOES moved upstairs. LOL

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