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2021-03-12 - 12:16 a.m.

Yeah!! I recalled the password for the Instagram for the Non Profit I am marketing for as the biggest fundraiser of the year is underway!

It came to me...
I have a file SOMEWHERE here... with info for that. It might be tucked in my basement. I might have taken it out when working on something but forgotten to put it away and it landed somewhere.. on a shelf; in a corner; in a closet- tucked away.

I had to create room in my overstuffed file cabinet so removed some things and in that re-org it perhaps was moved and I can't recall where! As in the past year I have not been doing marketing for them it was moved from active files to stored.

So I am EVER SO HAPPY to have actually remembered the password, and that it worked so I could link the Facebook and Instagram posts again!

Back to bed... I was resting/sleeping early tonight but woke up and wanted to just get this done when relaxed and had time to think about it.

I was sent some video footage but I can't find that now! Ce la vie. I will find that in the next couple days and use it for the NEXT marketing blast. I need to refresh content regularly the next few days and send as many reminders as I can and hope we do well this year at this fundraiser!

I am encouraged. Engagement with the links embedded in the FB ad are good! Pretty nice click through rate. Not sure if that was to the link to GIVE or the link to our web site yet ,but either way the ad I ran is definately getting a good response!! YAH!

This is fun...

I do always get jazzed and have fun with marketing work.
Nothing quite like interviews of the artists themselves. That is still my favorite thing to do. The art classes have been small and honoring social distancing but still happening which is great. The org also did a few social events outside, distanced and safe. Not many, and had some that no one signed up for due to COVID ( and this is a vulnerable population) so they were cancelled but we did a good job of planning just a few things that were mindfully organized with safety in mind. It has worked very well.

Still we look forward to Fall and hope the area COVID free again and these kids can get back to the theater. That program is such a blast for them! My own first two kids first set foot on a stage as actors in one of this organizations productions way back when about 20 yrs ago now! I had no idea what the group was when I saw a local ad calling for kids for auditions for a play. It turned out to be this inclusive program intended to give disabled kids opportunity for creative arts work! They ran dance and theater programs and had toured internationally in the past. It just blew my mind how incredibly well run and how incredibly good the show was! My kids loved it and the experience was so wonderful for them.

I will never forget the older teen girl, with a disability herself of some sort, who took my small son under her wing to be sure he was prompted when he needed to be so that he didn't forget a line. He clearly needed that support with his attention diverted easily with so much going on! It was just adorable the interaction between those two. She was so proud of him and proud to be able to help him! Disabilities were not so much as ignored in that space, as they were acknowledged but not viewed as limitations. The person was seen and nurtured and their disability that was part of who they were not seen as a limitation but just accepted very naturally- it is what it is so to speak. Support was given where needed. Communication assistance was offered if needed; Physical assistance was offered if needed. A trained behavioral specialist where there on staff to help the kids. There was such acceptance of all, and SEEING of the whole person with comfort which is what makes this program unique.

So this is why I don't mind waking in the middle of night to find the energy and motivation to get the marketing work done. The joy this program brings to many is so very, very important.
Once again, it is not an exaggeration to say that sense of self worth such experiences instilled in my children was so integral to them knowing who they are and loving who they are which was needed when later facing some of the challenges in life.

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