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2021-03-15 - 11:45 p.m.

I did it. I just completed my marketing for a fundraising campaign. I feel very good about it.
I got on the phone with customer service and managed to revive the free trial of an outstanding marketing tool.

We used a trial for a number of years actually!! Their policy is a discount for non profits.

If the org had paid we would have much greater reach as could expand the number of contacts.

However, regardless it was still better to send out a well crafted email, linked to all social media sites to announce that the local community organization fundraising for local non profits Spring Giving Campaign has GONE LIVE and we are grateful for support!

I got it done...

I was ready to work on this when got a call from June whom I haven't spoken to in a while so needed to catch up. It was good to hear from her. She was staying with mutual friends of ours so it was nice to say quick hello to them as well. In fact it is funny as I had recruited one of them to be our music director for a theater production and my friend LOVED doing that a few years ago.

So it was fun to tell them of the marketing work. The BEST idea was given to me by June for marketing.

She said:
I don't even open email. (TRUE NEITHER DO I!! )

I just want texts.

So that is my goal now. At least I leveraged the tool for sending out a decent mass email that is readable on a phone if opened.

Considering if 20% open it at all that is GREAT... TEXT blast to all would be brilliant.

I am going to see if there is any capability of doing that with this tool (I am sure it is not there with the FREE one. But my contacts are in it, and I updated that list before sending this message out.)

There are phone #s input..

I do get marketing push messages from one non profit I support. Totally the way to go if don't do it too frequently.

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