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2021-03-24 - 3:02 p.m.

I made a good faith effort to notify the Va Employment Commission I have a new job.

I suppose it doesn't matter that there seems to be no way to give the update,
as it seems the money determination for my eligibility for unemployment shifted from that awarded ( $398 a week initially) to ZERO.

I had completed an application and filed a claim for two weeks back in DEC. I received the one payment for those two weeks.

Then the third week I tried to file the weekly claim the system on line, and the phone system would not allow me to do so,

Just no interface showing up for me to enter info on line. The phone system felt like a purgatory of going round and round a computer generated response system which kept sending me in circles.

NO Ability to reach a person.

I get it, they are busy,
They are overworked and the system heavily utilized and many RELIANT on it during COVID.

So I took the next rational step and typed up a bunch of weekly claims and wrote a letter and sent it certified return receipt.

I got no response.

THEN I went and filled out a NEW application the following month, since not hearing anything it seemed the interface on line only allows one to START OVER.

It is so limiting of an interface, streamlined and easy to use if it works but no way to put in some essential info such as when land a new job.

I have tried.

It occurred to me the drop off of ability to file very well could be because my old job so "kindly" offered the "courtesy" of allowing me to "request" that rather than being fired they put in my file "for job references only" that I "resigned".

Oh yes, thank you so much for your consideration.
They offered the same to another co worker who was told his position was being eliminated ( true as they wanted to fire the Director and hire someone to do the SAME job sans a couple things and pay them far less). At his exit interview he was presented with his resignation letter. GAMES COMPANIES PLAY

I am not an idiot and knew that was their monkeying around way of trying to get a letter of resignation so they don't have to pay more in unemployment.

It DOES come out of the pockets of a company when they have successful claims. Make no mistake it is in their interest of making a claim one resigned as opposed to having been fired.


I just wanted to be sure I reported my employment to VEC as I am LEGALLY Suppose to do.

Their phone system is showing now-


Whereas a couple months ago it showed the 9K I was formerly considered eligible for over the course of the whole upcoming year (if unemployed) since working last full time job ( $398 a week).

For me its not a survive or not kind of situation, I don't lose my housing without that extra support, and I can still feed my family. I feel for those who are truly dependent on unemployment insurance as a safety net for whom the system of filing is too complicated to navigate.

I just feel for them... and am grateful for the pandemic relief that was just sent out. Round II indeed was helpful.
I paid my mortgage and spent $1400 to pay down a credit card I was overly reliant on in recent months . I try to avoid using credit cards but during the gap of working did use it a bit more than usual. I mean I have the credit, I have a decent financial picture, I have savings for mortgage...

So it only seemed right to use that credit card as a gap during the time of not working, with knowledge when tax return comes I can pay if off. ( I count that as money of mine sorta in the bank. I tend to not use a credit card without means to pay it off if I can help it!)

This allows me to leave the food pantries and other sources of food for those without such benefits to rely on. Credit itself is a benefit I can access and am lucky to be able to do so in the short term. Heck I even used it to DONATE to the local food pantry and homeless relief services as I feel like now is the time they need help more than ever.

My theory is that when I am busy working I just get so busy I don't TAKE the time to donate as much as I really could and feel I should.

So its this funny thing that when not working I tend to kick up donations to those in need far worse off than I am, with gratitude that truly I have planned for time not working with a safety net and some resources (like credit... like planning to get a tax return).

Credit is of course a curse to many! When they CAN NOT pay it back. I recall all those unpaid credit bills in collection when I worked as a bill collector which No exaggeration were mostly for groceries in some of the poorest parts of the country.
But at the same time it is a blessing for the poor as well! If they are truly poor and not knowing where their next meal or payment for housing is coming from, some care less about the longer term worry of an unpaid bill.

Its an interesting thing. I think credit in the end does get leveraged in our country

TO FEED PEOPLE and sometimes
TO HOUSE PEOPLE as they can use cash on hand for rent and rely on the credit for other things like transportation perhaps to get to a job.

Honestly , I think credit in tough times is moreso used for essentials than it being leveraged for non essentials.

That was what the collection bills were showing years ago and I doubt it has changed.

AH but then again, perhaps it is because the poor don't know how to SETTLE their debts, don't have the MEANS to whereas the middle class if get in hot water DO know how to cut a deal and pay off a credit line at less than the value and still maintain good credit; which is why the bills in collection are dominantly those of the poor purchasing food!

The luxury afforded by knowledge allows others to settle debts.

So tip for today: If you are POOR and have outstanding debt make it a GOAL to save until you have 30% to 40% CASH IN HAND of the value of that outstanding debt.

THEN make an offer to settle in full at that percentage.

Don't budge on your offer.
Make a take it or leave it offer. It is ALL YOU CAN AFFORD and you can do it NOW or if they say NO you can go to the NEXT creditor you owe on your list and make the offer to them.

THE ONE TO SAY YES gets paid.

Trust me it works.

I am so very grateful I have only had to do that once in my life. It was after divorce proceedings and outstanding legal bills.

Heck if even lawyers, LAW FIRMS nonetheless, will take less than a bill to settle in full, that should tell you something.
They are not the easiest convince to come to compromises (ironically).

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