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2021-04-03 - 9:01 a.m.

Good week. I did good work; I practiced guitar and feel like I can almost play a song.

I apprechiate that my teacher is teaching finger picking rather than simply strumming of chords. I apprechiate that he is teaching good technique.
It is a longer process of learning, and harder but working on the fundamentals I think will be worthwhile so eventually when I "get it" I should be able to play without
overthinking things.

Learning anything is all about habit and discipline.

So true.
You can research and seek out teachers but then it is up to you to do the work.

I do not believe one is ever too old to learn something new.

I always invested in music education for my kids so am happy I chose to do this for me at this juncture.

I wrote a couple songs; lyrics first then melody and sang them into my phone to save. My transcription skills were not good enough to find the time to get them written down
so they were moments of creation of joyful art for me only.

It was very gratifying.

I saved on my land line voice mail! SO silly of me as we ALL know now that cell phones, and electronic devices are ubiquitous it seems of recording and caputring..

I mean has google search bar , or FB ot whatever app you are on, Spotify ever popped up with some ad regarding something you were only TALKING ABOUT and never ran a google search?

Pay attention

Big Brother is Watching YOu

As Big Brother wants to make a buck....or billions...dollar by dollar the old fashioned way of applying psycology to sales tactics with the new fashioned way of lack of privacy and capturing data analyics with AI to interpert all that can be found out about prospective customers (including you).

So in this day and age, it is shameful frankly I don't have a decent recording device to have captured my songs.


If they were any good ( which they weren't) maybe a Freedom of INformation Act request of what has been captured on the phone tap on my line??

That is if it is feds? LOL Joking of course as I find it pretty funny.

That clicking indeed has been there for YEARS and I am so used to it I ignore it.

I mean it was five years ago when my guy friend from Buffalo ( who I swear is kinda like my fam... slightly on hyper sensitive side,... acutely aware...) noticed and would always try to call back to get a clear line.

It so innocuous to me as nothing of concern for me whatsoever.

But I just realize who knows maybe there is some shady charachter in my world? I don't THINK SO... maybe there WAS some shady charachter in my world ever so briefly?? ( The dude that told me of his interest in Winston Trout who I ran into at an outdoor concert a couple years later and was relieved when I asked how it went for him if he was still interested in that ... that he told me he did go out to Oregon and found they were a bunch of quacks into things he did not support. WHEW good to hear... but maybe he was lying to me... this was pre Trump,,, but that was no doubt some funky anti government we want to be off the grid and evade taxes nonsense which was trying to use the Bible and so called Chritianity to reqruit folks- from prisons it seemed when I did my reseach to see what the hell this dude was into and I just laughed at my abilty to attract the WEIRDEST Men,
but relished my ability to QUICKLY make a sound judgment , ask the right pointed questions to get to the heart of what is making someone tick.

I mean how many women would meet a guy and dig to figure that shit out very quickly.

I was proud to throw that fish back....


So yeah... who knows... if I had a wire tap based on that ever so brief interaction ( two, ,three dates...) Well good on the gov for watching that dude. I would if I were you

But really you should have had permission to invade my privacy and I don't think there is any court order.

NOW If it is on grounds it was home of my TENANT...

MY TENANT Rented MY BASEMENT. And while I gave permission for my tenant to set up electronics if they wanted for cable TV or phone that was not inclusive of permission for my privacy to be invaded. NO BIG BROTHER

So back off and do your NORMAL security checks please, within realms of the law.

Truth be told I didn't pay much attention to the noise of the Patriot Act when it was in the media as my honest position was THEN that the govt DOES have the right to protect our country.

I mean, I feel like bueroctacy and red time should at times not be a hindrance to REAL Threats. BALANCE OF RISK AND REWARD and all that
And lets let the feds fucking do their jobs
Lets not blast out to the country things that are going to jepordize their effectiveness, safety of missions and success of missions that are indeed actually critically important to actual safety.

I mean there is a bigger picture .

HOWEVER That is in context of ethical missions that are truly in the interest of maintaining democracy and peace. That is the caveat. Trust in the feds to be getting it right with ethical choices.

So that being said, it would be nice to stop hearing clicking on my line but truth be told I never worried about it long enough to do anything about it, like call Verizon; never worried longer than when it happens in the moment... or I think of it cause of the irony of not having successfully saved my sung songs., or some other trigger of concern...

Today I meant to write just that I was super happy to have had nice time to practice guitar this week.
And soon I think I might actually be able to play through a whole song.

Singing along with that is another matter.

DAMN I still obviously have some shit that emerges when I write !! LOL I never know what will bubble up as this is indeed the uncensored morning page.

Off to enjoy a hike in the woods with Bellatrix this morning!

Its a beautiful day!

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