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2021-04-03 - 10:50 p.m.

My friend Art was on my mind as I looked up a recommended movie ( from Notes! Thank you !! ) which is about an Artist and I definately would like to watch it with him once this Covid thing FINALLY passes.

It would be a fun thing to watch and I want to also prod him as he really is happiest when he paints, and the thing is he is so damn talented.

So essentially I hope to bug him to get painting again. I want to pick up a brush and paint together and see what we can create.

We used to riff poetry, sing, he would paint as I modeled for him and we always had this amazing creative energy that worked well together.
At this point I am more interested in painting myself acutally.

Heck I think if he would sit still it would be a blast for me to paint him! If he would do it that would be hilarious ( and I bet it would prod him to paint as he likely could not decribe if I were just awful... )

In any case, I got voice mail so left a message letting him know of the movie and that once all my house gets vaccinated - lets get together.
So Art is big time into numerology; or was at one point of his life. It always is fun to have him speak on that. He had dozens of books on the topic.
That and rocks and crystals.. He has books an cool collections of those. Last time I visited him we had a blast pulling out some of the books and his collection and it was just fun.

So perhaps since he came to mind as the movie arrived in the mail. tonight when I checked my email a spammy type marketing email from Astrology Answers "FREE Numerology Reading " caught my eye.

I clicked and did the basic reading.

Then a google to interpret the life path number 9.

I thought it kinda fun.

My next day path is to get up early to go to an outdoor Easter Service while the sun rises.

I am looking forward to this.

I happen to have no idea where my cell phone is in this house. I was going to set an alarm on it but realized it is missing...
here somewhere...

So now to see if there is an application I can use to do same on this laptop then back to bed.

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