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2021-04-04 - 10:31 p.m.

Prior to going to sleep I picked up this laptop to read the remainder of the numerology free report I clicked on.

It is just fun and encouraging to read this stuff!

OH And I am indeed on board with what it says I value most as my "heart's deepest desire". The whole thing resonated with me actually which made it fun.
Credit to Astrology Answers, and in particular someone going by name of Dawn Ann for the following content:

your Expression number is = 7

What You Can Learn From Your Expression Number
“Your Expression Number 7 makes you a truth-seeker. When you investigate the unknown, you are most likely to find answers to life’s mysteries.”

You are destined for greatness when it comes to seeking truth in any arena.

Whether your passions revolve around spirituality, science or education, you express best when you can test, study and analyze first.

You are extremely intelligent, with a deep philosophical frame of mind.

You are psychically gifted and may be attracted to all things mystical or spiritual. When you investigation the unknown, you are most likely to find answers to life's mysteries.

You will find fulfillment in any field that requires analysis, in-depth knowledge or spiritual vision.

This is what your Expression number says about you. Now, I want to talk about your Soul Urge number.

What Your Soul Urge Says About You
you have a Soul Urge number of (2). This number unlocks the secrets of what your heart really desires out of life.

And your heart's deepest desire is peace. As a sensitive and insightful Soul, you are a born diplomat.

You put a high price on balance and harmony in all areas of your life, and this is as it should be.

One of your major lessons however, is to balance your sensitivity so that others less conscious behaviors do not throw you off course.

Rather than becoming hurt or resentful, learn to use your gifts for building cooperation, compromise and patience.

You are the peacemaker, longing to relate with others kindness and understanding. You will be successful in any venture that allows you to mediate, negotiate, and bring harmony.

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