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2021-04-14 - 8:08 p.m.

I have a personal business coach.

She is freaking awesome.

The blast I wrote about won't even be discussed as the great thing is I am focusing on working on how to improve my leadership skills by discussion of the Arts Org I work with.

I am able to use analagous situations, and talk about some communication skills in how I respond to situations without talking about my actual current work.

Yet it is so helpful and I think will be beneficial in my current work.

She is working on a certificate from Georgetown University and needs practicum experience to earn her accreditation.

So I am happy to be her volunteer guinea pig!

10 weeks of one hour sessions each.

DARN she is good.
That is all I will say about the sessions for now, other than have met with her twice and both times it was super helpful.

And it also forces me to carve out time to plan course of actions for the board.

Oh and in other news, I have been asked if I would be a Marketing Director for another board. This is a Professional Org that I wanted to get more involved in. They had sent an email.

Good reminder for me to follow up on action item: as I had chat with the current Pres over the weekend and said I would send him my resume so he can present me to the board meeting which they are going to send me an invite to so as to introduce me and formally bring me on board. I didn't yet send it as did not want to really do work on the weekend!(Even volunteer work!)

Keeping boundaries and carving out time for specific things. Evenings are volunteer work time!

I decided to leverage the marketing experience I have had, and help another group with what I learned. My focus on the work I do and kicking it up by having a business coach focusing on the primary goal of how to be an effective leader of this non profit corporate board I am on, makes it seem easy to pick up another board to help out. I have eight more weeks of guidance with intentional time to plan on action items to be an effective board leader so might as well share my talents even more!

They seem like a space that could use my help it seems so I am excited about that.

When I got the email I thought it was a great idea to give back and help others learn of how they can learn the skills needed to be successful in their contract management careers as well. I owe it to the knowledge about this particular organization my former lover from the telecom who was a govt subcontract manager there told me about as he coached me in how to develop along my career path.
So that gives me another fun adventure to look forward to!

I am happy to mentor others. I do enjoy the career of a contract manager and think it is one of the best kept secrets that many would benefit from knowing more about!

YES even on the challenging days.

I am hopeful it is just bad timing and coincidence that there was a wave of bad actors I encountered in the past few weeks and not a continuing trend.

I DO like my job and the work I do on most days.

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