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2021-04-25 - 2:15 p.m.

I just enjoyed the most beautiful singing group.

I had not been thinking about it, but saw an email invite a day or so ago and am glad I put it on my calender so the invite popped up and reminded me of it.

Unbelivably beautiful song by one singer/songwriter particularlly moved me.

I did not find her work via a google search so can't share it but it resonated so with some recent thoughts and recent writing I did.

Funny to me as the writing was on a FB post!

Then I joined the singing group and the song had same themes and ALSO in her intro she addressed the exact same theme I am working on with my business life coach.

I am working on stepping into my own power as a leader.

Sharing my authentic self and voice without then getting silenced.

I want to learn how to share differerent perspectives that being folks into spaces to be seen and heard and have their stories, their experienced acknoweldged in a way that is not threatening.

I know there is a sort of very real threat when there is change to the powers to be. But perhaps somehow communicaiton can occur that helps people NOT be afraid that power shifts will cause a collapse.

There is a fatalist attitude often that change will dismantel structures to point of chaos, anarchy.

I think it interesting a I just read the book ( actually have a few pages left and goal to day is to FINISH and return it to the libary) How to Be an AntiRacist

and the author so wisely points out his own flawed thiking, his own racism at one point in life- both his racist ideas of black culture and his racist ideas of white supriority he embraced at times, and then his racism against whites thinking all are racist he embraced at times-
and how he had to dismantle BOTH assumptions-
when they were held

and how he recognized his flawed thinking that the only way to dismantle racism is to deconstruct our whole system, systems..
yet the reality rather is that we CAN Work within our systems to identify and heal the sickness as it is seen of racism which in fact PERVERTS our societies and structures create within society.

I believe too that is possible.

To be Anti Racist is not Anti American
To be Anti Racist is not lacking support of our Democratic Republic and a capital market.

Some DO envision dismantling but that is a reactionary perspective based on thinking if you are not part of a story then the story has no merit in being heard, of existing. It is as bad to so that with societal structures as the white person who won't allow space for stories of POC or the misogynistic who will not hear women's perspective and will not allow any expression of femininity to exist other than the woman as weak and subservient.

It was a great read and validating for those who are not actually radicals but support Black Lives Matter understanding that is not a group to be feared but that they stand for being included in our societies' structures and policy.

Anyway.. one song was about a woman who is recognizes her story should be shared, her perspective should be shared ,and it is the story of the ancestors. There was another song about how our individual successes are part of the collective stories, as each success is on the continuum of of those who came before us upon whose history current success if built.

Really beautiful.
Glad I took the time to join that experience today.


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