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2021-05-09 - 6:38 p.m.

How is it I never heard of this until now? Every car owner should be familiar with that site! I decided for the latest conversation with the car dealer regarding my car I preferred a bot. After the last interaction was with a service rep who acted like he had no clue what I was talking about when I brought my Kia in for a "Service Improvement Campaign" ( otherwise known as an avoidance of responsibility of a recall) to update the Knock Sensor Detection system on my Kia Soul which puts ones car in what is called "limp mode" meaning it won't accelerate much and you can basically drive to a mechanic before engine failure FROM the KNOWN Issue of a rod bearing on the engine block KNOWN to be defective that prematurely wears out causing engine failure.

Hmmm... I really like my car. but it is unfortunately now actually IN limp mode..

It went there yesterday. I felt bad blowing off a friend I intended to call to make plans with yesterday morn. I was going to drop teen off at the SAT at a high school about 30 minutes away bright and early, then call my friend at a REASONABLE hour- like not 7AM before leaving!
But rather than drive home after taking teen to the SAT- since my car would not accelerate and hit limp mode I stopped at a nearby mountain for a lovely hike with my companion my doggie. I had PLANNED on doing a short hike then driving home then calling friend to see if wanted to walk HER park later in day instead of earlier;
but instead Bellatrix and I took a long hike on the Appalachian trail to kill more time ( it was lovely), then hit the little town's farmers market near the HS ( again LOVELY!), ran into a friend there ( the entertainment! Musician who was playing there.. young fellow happened to hire with his Dad to re-do basement work a few years back. He does great tile work and painting!)

Sigh.. I did not have a cell phone. My friend didn't call back after I left a message around 1:30 pm after the car limped home in limp mode. ( Not really seeming THAT bad- it drives but stops accelerating at 60 MPH on the highway.)

IT is a very bad sign for the car though.

But the GOOD news is- I really thought when I dropped my car off at the dealer and picked it up and they said "We diagnosed the cause of the check engine light an you need a catalytic converter" then gave some $1800 plus estimate... that they were full of crap...
I was thinking... Its the obvious freaking engine block connecting rod issue.... WTF is this? And I was SKEPTICAL that I actually need a catalytic converter.

WELL they are , it turns out RELATED.

AND the Catalyic converter it turns out COVERED under an ACTUAL National Traffic Safetly RECALL which, by the way - needs be repaired REGARLESS Of age of car and warranty! This corrective action EXTENDS any obligation of warranty to fix a safety issue.


I am delighted they told me what they did... as now they can do the recall work, AND Actually then- if it is obviously related to the problem below, well they then have to fix the rod bearing as well I believe...

I HAVE brought my car in for service at the dealer TWICE at least since 2019. So they DID have obligation when in to look for recalls on the VIN. Its basic responsibility of a dealer. ( My old Volvo dealer would do that. Yes they ALSO charged a fortune for service for anything ELSE not under recall. And YES I DO NOT bring my car for all routine service to the dealer as have a kickin good mechanic that does MOST of it- but once in a while I have brought it to the dealer. I mean the old dealer was killing it with profit from me as a customer so of course gave great customer service, whereas this one-- not so much. I am not one of those gold customers but the lead kind.. goes to my personal mechanic, so not surprised really at their lack of diligence. So they had OPPORTUNITY to take corrective action to fix the issues and did not. Not to mention I BOUGHT the car there. So any known issues.. they could have mitigated. )

So here was the lovely chat with a bot. I just so felt more like communicating with a bot than a person.. I don't want to talk to another service rep that vacantly acts clueless and acts like I have no idea what the hell I am talking about. I have no patience for that. And I am really tired..

Due to the lovely long hike and a nice run this AM followed by afternoon spent gardening. I made the mistake of buying daylily bulbs to replace the ones not grown. That was kinda dumb as this Spring I saw the HOLES where something dug up and ate the bulbs, but also dumb as I realize in reading more about daylily that the dude who advised "They grow ANYWHERE and yes will do well in your soil" was flat out wrong. They require drainage. So I headed to my local Southern States to consider amending soil, gave up on that notion- and bought some other plants that WILL do well in shade and wet areas: bleeding hearts. I forget the other plants' names just now. I planted the daylilys anyway, along with the one Mother's Day Marigold plant the store gave mothers today. So it was a lovely day gardening, then listening to my college girl sing with her choir via a You Tube live feed. I am happy she is so enjoying her college. She went back to campus and its worked out well for her ( despite a quarantine for two weeks the first couple weeks on campus as the first thing she and her beau (sorta- they broke up but still besties) did was have lunch with ONE friend, but that one friend tested positive for COVID! Fortunately all were well ... asymptomatic friend.)

Here is the chat:

Chat Specialist
Chat Professional
I recently brought my car in in response to a Product Improvement Campaign to update the Knock Sensor Detection System which identified when there is a rod bearing worn out that could indicate engine failure inevitable if not fixed. The system puts the car in limp mode. I brought my car in specifically for this service, of the upgrade, and then evaluation of my engine. When I picked it up the technician charges me $100 and said they diagnosed WHY The check engine light was on. The ticket made NO MENTION of upgrading the system per the product improvement campaign nor addressing the concern I had which was expected the engine to be tested for rod bearing issue. ( One service person told me bring it in for the upgrade and they would run engine diagnostic free of charge) So the service person when picked it up was not aligned with the first service rep and my expectations. When picked up I was told the car needs a new Catalytic converter and given something like an $1800 quote.

I however see a product recall on this car.
NHTSA Kia Recall 19V120000: Engine Experiences Internal Damage And Stalls
Kia Recall 19V120000: Engine Experiences Internal Damage And

Can I bring the car in to have this product recall service done?

AND the diagnostics of the known issue of the problem with rod bearings on engine block KNOWN to be cause by a defective part?

Its not a mystery it seems.

18:24:13 pm
Hi my name is Jennifer. It’s great to have you with us!
18:24:38 pm
I would be happy to help you with recall. I am unable to confirm an appointment for your recall. I need to have my service team confirm if the parts needed to make the repairs on your vehicle are in stock, or if they need to be ordered. Do you have that recall number handy?

18:26:03 pm
Recall 19V120000
18:26:55 pm
Thanks! What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?
18:27:29 pm
Can check to see if this applies to my vin # I am in your system Maureen Blake 202 HAckley ct Purcellville vA
18:27:38 pm
2013 Kia soul
18:27:44 pm
Bought and services there
18:27:59 pm
I just brought it in for the knock sensor detection system upgrade per the product improvement letter ( but oddly when picked up the ticket made no mention of that)
18:28:40 pm
Thanks! May I have your name?
18:28:52 pm
I just gave it above
18:29:01 pm
Pleasure chatting with you! I need to get with my service team about confirming the recall details. What’s the best phone number and email to reach you?
18:31:07 pm
I am not seeing your name listed. Just to finish up, may I please have your full name?
18:33:04 pm
Are you still with me?
18:34:06 pm
[ GAVE NAME, address]
18:34:30 pm
I brought the car in just the week before last
18:34:41 pm

18:35:05 pm
Pleasure chatting with you. I will have our service team follow up with you as soon as possible about recall detail. Is there anything else I can do for you today?
18:36:03 pm
18:37:39 pm
Thank you for visiting us. Have a great day!
18:37:49 pm

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