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2021-06-01 - 6:33 a.m.

15 min tops morning page
I just went for a run.
It was wonderful. Felt good to get out. I set the goal to run at minimum 2x a week.
To keep it up I find a 5K to look forward to. I found a couple. but one is HIGH SCHOOL capstone project or raising money for support those in situations of domestic violence.

Sooner than hoped as its next weekend
But hey nothing like just committin6and doing something without hesitation.

I find that actually so freeing.

It is what I used to do when young so in a way focusing on shifting back to that mindset feels like coming home to myself.

I recall my brother saying it was what he admired about me. I JUST DO IT
without overthinking,overanalyzing and worrying.


Morning flow: next step
Clean bathroom and straighten room more. Did some.

Goal has been to do this for me. Kinda such at that....still putting away laundry washed last week ( or week before? ) so if I take 10 to 15 min there each morning as a HABIT this will be easier.

Practice Guitar. Just 15 min.

Coffee and Sit with planner for week.
Then to work. Going to KILL it today and finish an ongoing project.

I already discovered one conflict. My Artist Date with self to the restaurant was going to be Thu night. Figured already have Deacon duty that afternoon of visiting a parishioner along with Pastor, so would be out and about. That is at 3, so figured would make a reservation that night.oops another meeting Thu night 7pm I should attend. Hmmmm. Another night then....

I was trying to just do it: Value myself and my own enjoyment as much as trying to please others.

Yes liberating to do that with intention.

Wow done and realize it is 15 min exactly!

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