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2021-06-10 - 5:41 p.m.

I can't complain when the only option for socializing is being outdoors. Frankly it is fact my favorite place to be, and a nice walk or a nice hike are indeed my preferred choice of something I enjoy doing while enjoying another's company!
I would pick going on a hike over dinner in a restaurant or a drink at a bar any day!

Oh but that being said, I AM going to schedule my Artist Date to take myself out to a nice restaurant. Soon... but not yet as a few other priorities popped up.

#1 being that the air conditioner needs some care. That will get done next week,=. We are surviving the hot spell with lots of Italian Ices and Ice pops and Ice Cream, foods that do not require an oven heating the house ( but still cooking a bit. My one kid made an Asian chicken recipe of some sort with noodles and stir fried chicken and veggies on one of the hottest days on record for that particular date!

There really is method to my madness of doing without air conditioning as long as possible.
The thing is, with family with chronic illness who NEVER leave the house ( remember that was status quo pre pandemic in my home for some of my kids); I feel like when it is Spring and one can open the windows and HEAR the birds, and SMELL the flowers and get fresh air it is really rejuvenating to open the house up after the winder sleep.

Letting the sounds of nature and the world COME INTO the home when those in the home can't leave seems important to me.

I swear it helps normalize sleep cycles to be on a less nocturnal schedule. (Although still nocturnal to a degree as the hottest part of day best to sleep and then be up when it cools down.) But there is more activity of everyone up during daylight than there had been in winter. There is more activity from them ALL as far as helping with cooking,

So I WAITED to turn on the air conditioner until we NEEDED it,
IT however was a poor plan ( or rather lack thereof I should have planned better!), to NOT have my systems which I KNOW runs out of Freon and needs filling SERVICED BEFORE I would have liked to turn it on.

This is the ADHD habit I am trying really hard to break: The habit of only thinking of things when they are a crisis and NEED attention,
and not being mindful and conscientious and organized to PROACTIVELY Take care of thing to AVOID a crisis.

I am actually VERY good at overcoming that challenge in many areas of my life, but not in my own household as much as I should.
I just wrapped up a 10 week session with an incredible life coach and really worked on that skill set of being organized and proactively PLANNING so as to be more responsible in my day to day world- at home, interpersonally... etc..

Even at work I sometimes drop the ball or forget or don't pay enough attention and then have RE-WORK! It happens with less frequency that years ago thankfully, with a lot of dedicated effort, but I HATE when it happens and I could have avoided that by SLOWING DOWN and being mindful and careful.

Its 5pm and I am done with work. I have been done for a couple hours today. It feels good but is also an actual adjustment to using time productively for self when NOT working!
I am loving it however.
For now though, I am relishing just the moment to take a little nap then figure out a nice light supper. Some salad and a pasta salad and fresh fruit as we have cherries and bananas and peaches and oranges. (10 minutes of boiling pasta not too bad and should not raise the kitchen temp too much!)

84 outside feels like 87 so they say.
85 in my house.

Until last week, we could open up all the windows and the night temps dropped and the house would cool down to mid 60s. It was marvelous as then I would shut everything up and it would raise to about 78 79 and at hottest 80 in the house EVEN ON HOT DAYS- as in days that hit 90. The house was 10 degrees cooler if opened up at night and shut up in early morning with blinds to block sun.

HOWEVER, we hit a hot spell. A few 90 degree plus days, high humidity and then a strech last week and this in which the NIGHT temps DID NOT DROP enough, and the air was hot and still without enough breeze that even when the outside hit in the mid 70s at night the house did not drop much in temp.
Fans are blowing in at night, but not effective enough. We tried to run the house fan ( without air conditioning, just fan) and that consistently made the house HOTTER ( I suppose pulling in air from outside?)

So its been an experience.
I did get to go to my office just two days last week to get work done when it was super hot here.
But other than that I did just stick it out at home along with my family here.

Do they sell stock in Lindy's and Luigi's?

Which is better?
My kids vote for Luigi's. Hey, They say invest in what you know. Those products are strong and I think will continue to be. Speaking of which, I own few stocks but a few years back picked some random vaccination one. Too bad I didn't have more than a few shares for kicks. I would so like to get caught up with bills, debt free, kids college done and then start playing more with stocks. For now I just rely on 401K that someone else managed and I just let it sit there. I am not in bad shape thankfully as manage to be aggressive in what I save when I have a good job. I want something to be there for when I am old and the tables are flipped. Heck with 6 kids maybe someone will be helping take care of me someday so I want to set up a situation with the finances available for my care. Until then, I will keep providing for those here, and need to actually start to figure out long term plan for THEIR long term care as well. I thought of a long term care plan for me. They are expensive but if one can save and outright buy one its a great investment. That was on my bucket list of saving to get for myself but the more I think about it if one of my kids is NOT able to work due to disability it might be a better idea to shift that goal to upfront buy a long term care plan for my KID NOW.. before they hit disability. Thing is I can work for a long time. If I have a kid who can't makes more sense to invest in a policy they can benefit from as they won't likely have kids of their own. Out of SIX kids I presume I may have help from at least one in my old age. But what about my kid? Sibling support likely it. Me and then siblings. So yeah... I have to re-think long term financial plans. Just a random thought her of things to think about. My kid is actually super bright! But then again so is my autistic brother who needs support of others. I should ask my Dad how he and my oldest brother have planned for my brother's care. I am sure they have a plan for the house that Dad and my bro live in. Life estate or some such... So that when the time comes it is an easy transition of life without my Dad. Good news is my family is the best. I see families that just don't really know how to love each other. Its crazy to me to see families literally fighting over their parent's home as if they have some entitlement. Selfish and insane to watch siblings get ugly over property. But it happens ALL THE TIME. My siblings are at least all reasonable and care about each other and I know without even having spoken to them all that it is obvious when Dad passes on the other brothers will stick together in continuing to care for their brother who is not able to function on his own in the world. They will ban together to continue to support him living in the home he and Dad and my recently passed on Mom lived in for years. I just don't get it, when there is an adult child living home with a parent for years, PARTICULARLLY if it is due to disability, how other adult children can resent and displace such. I have watched it happen a few times working in Assisted Living, and in my neighborhood and think it tremendously sad. I guess planning is on my mind; Not just short term but long term. For now: time to go chop some veggies and make some pasta for a pasta salad.

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