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2021-06-13 - 11:51 a.m.

I am happy to have Permethrin cream left over from scabies outbreaks.
Finally learned a thing or two in life...
like I am susceptible to dust mites.

Swear last time it was Art's nasty car, or the closet of dusty linens and piles of clothes I was helping him organize as I kept him company about a year or so ago...
maybe longer...

OR the dusty back room of winery when visited my friend who was proudly showing me the new labels and organization in that dusty space...

OR when I pulled out clothes from the attic at change of season.

The triggers.

I know when dust mites are there they like me.
I must be an attractive host.

So this time, after going through the bags of clothes- which I will definitely take out of my car and launder and then re-pack to donate...
the two bags of size 10-14 girls

I was sitting at church noticing a few tiny itchy bumps..
these are different from the poison ivy.
AND THANK GOD I have Permethrin.

They were on my wrist.

Makes sense.
Those darn boxes in my living room need to get emptied and the boxes out of the house so I can vacuum under them and clean up that space.

Teenager needs to just get it done.

I was definitely bitten.
That is where my line is of tolerance.

I applied Permethrin from wrist to forearms.

AFTER I had put the clothes of hers in the wash and had bagged up the others I had IMMEDIATELY Washed my forearms with HOT WATER.
Poison Ivy didn't deter from washing in hope that I hadn't gotten any mites.. but I FELT them as I was going through the clothes.


They get me all the time!

NOT everyone apparently is as susceptible which I don't quite understand.


So at least I headed it off and will prevent an outbreak.

Church was just an incredibly insightful experience again this morning. I really am going to miss my Pastor as he is retiring this August.

He is so good! His sermons are so rich and motivating and full of intelligence applied to our daily lives with historical explanation and context of the Old or New Testament readings.

It is like no other.
I mean WORSE than poison ivy...


those pin pricks ...
like each bugger is being attacked and resisting and there is a war going on in my skin at this moment.

Crap its crazy itchy and pin prick points of pain on occasion... but this will pass and it will be way better than this being an extended thing.

I just hope I caught it early enough and don't have the after affects.
That weird lingering feeling like being bitten and the pain and tingle itchy outbreaks where it FEELS like an active case but all the literature says there is nothing there but one gets a few weeks of this bizarre nervous system memory, kinda like muscle memory of your body still trying to protect against the invasion
IN a micro sort of PTSD like manner...
where the immune system is just in overdrive and kicks in randomly ...
.like it is hyperkinetic and on edge and reacting even when not actual invader...

The ghost threat being responded to.

I am hoping perhaps the prednisone taking for the Poison Ivy prevents such.

Hmmm maybe should have read about if can use both at same time, any drug interactions?

Darn did not think of that...
but I am not going to get a scabies outbreak again.

So too late now.

OK so back to cleaning. My goal is to get this done today. The living room- I need to get the teen up and engaged. Do my best to motivate her.
I will clear bookshelf space and tackle the books even if she is not participating and not touch any OTHER personal belongings but move them out of the living room at least. they can go outside her door if she is not ready to tackle them yet.
She asked to wait until school over.

I don't see why since she is not engaging in school work...
AH The teen is stirring.....

Back at it.

In other good news my 19 year old WENT OUT !!

YEAH this is a first in YEARS.

To go out with friends.
I gave them my cell phone for safety, just in case needs a safe ride. But I am so excited that they ventured out with friends.

YEAH that is a good thing!!
One of this crew is not afraid to enter into the world to do something they enjoy.
A BTS concert is being live streamed in a venue in area. Friend gave a ride to my 19 yr old and I am so happy that they are going to enjoy this. Thanks to everything being on line now...
Easy for me to do a quick google and know all the details of where they are going. I want to give my 19yr old respect of being an adult and freedom to enter the world, but like for safety sake to know of course WHERE they are and prefer to know who they are hanging with.

But at 19... have to respect the age.

Of course this is a young 19 yr old...

So the conversation last night was helpful in going over plans.
Like transportation, ensuring cash on hand for an Uber or cab if needed, phone to call me ( I can be the driver in a pinch), back up plan...

Glad I was connecting and conversing and my child was communicating.

Their INITIAL plan was that they are familiar with public transportation enough.

But they didn't realize our local bus service that connects to the rest of the world DOES NOT RUN ON SUNDAY.

So glad I spent time chatting with my young adult last night to help think through the plan and shore it up to be a more practical and safe one for them.

I am delighted and know they will have a day to remember!

This is particularly important since the gift I got to bring them to a BTS concert was cancelled last year due to Covid.

AH a quick google shows no interaction with permethrin and prednisone. Biggest issue is that the corticoids sometimes makes scabies feel better temporarily and in poor countries in particular folks listen to ads for it where they can get it over the counter and never see a Dr. And then bring about far greater health problems but not properly treating scabies outbreaks.

SO I went downstairs and told the teen that she needs to get her things away today , that I got bitten...
and the basement dweller is also awake and in the living room and chimes in saying I am making this up to try to guilt her and accusing me of being manipulative.

Sheesh.. this will be a battle.

There is no invader here.
NO encroching on them trying to crush them.
There really is noone disrespceting and trying to sqash their individuality,

Perhaps in PTSD moment of someone exercising any authority at all to these teenage brains it FEELS like such...
but really...
I AM NOT AN INASIVE PEST of a threat that you need to attack.


Wish me luck...
as I go navigate the battle to keep the living room a healthy safe space...

from the actual invaders of mites. LOL
And try to get the youngest teen to do her Environmental AP homework.
HECK her grandpa is a water chemist with expertise in EXACTLY what she is studying!!

Her older sister at college LOVE Environmental Science and took a few college courses, basically a minor in this area of studies currently.
She has TWO family she can reach out to for help if something is a challegne.

But I don't htink it is the WORK itself...
It is the WILL to DO ANY WORK which is her challegne now.

I HOPE BASEMENT DWELLER goes back to the basement to get his work done as if he is there it is a losing battle. I am outnumbered.
I need to time my interaction tactically for success...
NO back up forces...
Just the one.
And approcch to build trust and engagement.

Othewise there is no winning this living room battle today.

Again... Wish me luck..

I will go down and start with books first ( even with basement dweller there,I think I can navigate that successfully....It is the rest... to get it all done that won't happen unless the sibling leaves).


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