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2021-06-26 - 8:04 p.m.

I just installed a window Air Conditioner in our basement. The AC broke and it turns out it is the compressor which is bad.

I am not in a position to replace my whole unit for the house just yet.

Will save and do so in the future.
In the meantime the method of opening windows on cool nights to cool the house then closing up the house at crack of dawn will have to suffice, along with the one air conditioner in the basement so on exceptionally hot days the family may congregate there.

It has not been so bad not having AC thus far.

But it will get hotter.

So I am glad I found one that had good reviews and also benefited from a 20% off Fathers Day Coupon so I ended up paying $320 for a decent window AC.

i just ran a search for the model bought and that looks like I got the best possible price which is good to know.

There is a music festival this afternoon would have liked to have attended on line but I HAD to get this done today! Of course nothing is EVER just easy to do.

I needed to get my hands on a drill. Not sure why I didn't think to scope out thrift stores, but frankly good tools don't last in those very long.

FIGURES my bestie just downsized and got rid of much of her stuff that she had in storage the past year or more. She finally figured if she is not settled in one place to stay put by now it makes little sense to hold on to all her stuff. She is letting go of it and further downsizing. She is not in a position to buy a small place as she really hoped to be able to do by now. She loves travel and moving regularly anyway. A couple years in one place and she is ready to get up and go it seems anyway...

So better for her lifestyle to be unencumbered now that he child is grown and independent and on her own.

I think her kid is about ready to buy a house in the area frankly! She is a hard worker and is saving rather than spending to do so. She alreayd had bought with a boyfriend a few years back so learned a few things. It was a cute little place WAY OUT in the boonies far South and she commuted an hour for work each way.But after a few years they decided to part ways, so that was that.

Her kid is awesome. Feels like one of our family frankly, almost like another older half sibling to my kids as she did live with us for years.

Love that young lady!

She is super talented, a hard worker and just a kind, kind soul like her Mother.

But she also needs her independence from her Mother. I know that saddens my friend as she wonders why they just don't buy a house TOGETHER. Not a bad idea, but I think the daughter wants her independence.

Heck if I had the means I would buy a home in the city my oldest lives in with her and have her pay part of mortgage rather than pay rent to someone else. We have speculated about that idea. My income not that high to support two mortgages however. I just get by with the one!

In good new my 19 yr old last night decided wants to go back to finish the last couple classes of high school. So I will help communicate with the school to get him/them set up.

This is good news! They were just knocked off their feet and literally could not function let alone navigate school due to their POTS but are definitely feeling MUCH better. As in FUNCIONING... as in I see this child AWAKE and actually happy more often than dead to the world asleep.

I think that opening my house up , windows allowing fresh air and the scent of the foilage and trees, and the noise of the birds and cicadas was actually really healthy for my family. I feel like that helped them regulate sleep back to a more normal schedule over the past few months.

So truth be told I did not turn on the AC as didn't WANT it on. I WANTED the sounds of the outdoors coming in and waking my hibernating house.

But then when it got hot I assumed the system just needed freon, however that was wrong! The whole compressor hot which was a surprise.

The day started awesome as I went to the Zumba dance class which started at 8:20 AM. My arms are sore now actually! I got a great workout. They use weights and dance and its such a fun class. The one fella taught a salsa today which made me so happy as I used to regularly go Latin dancing but have not been in a couple years so that was so much fun!

I just needed to decompress and vent, as the 20 yr old had a bought of unacceptable verbal abuse.

The youngest was helping me hold the AC as we got it in the window. We were having a hell of a time lining it up JUST RIGHT in the lip of the bottom sill. I hollered out begging the older sibling to "PLEASE COME HELP! I am worried we are going to drop this thing! I REALLY NEED ANOTHER SET OF HANDS!"

This obnoxious child came back and literally cursed me out for being inapproritate with them.


They called me a F@91!+* B!)$** and I was pretty much stunned in shock at the verbal attack, (among other words.. something about me disrespecting them... me yelling like a maniac at them... etc)

I just said I apologize if I came across as Agressive. (As really had little choice to listen to the anger directed at me as to how I HAD TALKED TO HIM) because the 16 yr old BACKED The sibling and said I sounded agressive.

So the postiion was , "IF you talk to me Agressive I am not going to tolerate it and will do same back at you."


I swear there is much projection. I mean I WAS anxious and frustrated as two of the kids said NO at inital ask for help, then the third asked "Why me? " and I told her "Everyone else said NO and they think you are stronger and better suited to help with this.)

So at least when the older sibling calmed down after the outburst AT ME, he did then go outside to hold the AC unit from outside so we did not risk dropping it as we were struggling to get it lined up JUST Right in the lip of the window and then securing it closed.

But still, it is so disappointing my kid does not SEE Himself.


ZERO Self awareness.
Which is so weird.
I mean HOW Can one be so utterly abusive and OBLIVIOUS that their behavior, their language and their expression is so over the top ?

VEnt done...

The music festival may be over. But there might be another few minutes....if lucky 30. NOW I am ready to log into it!
Just felt like writing to release that crap first!

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