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2021-06-28 - 4:34 p.m.

OH yeah
to add as I believe setting an intention and then working toward it is important!

MY vision is of a clean, fresh smelling room, ( NOT with lingering scents from when Bellatrix was angry at me and being passive aggressive yes she did that when younger!! OR When she was neglected for too long and not brought outside .... possibly happened way back when I would go to work all day elsewhere.
which is airy and bright and looks out on the lovely scene from my window ( I do have a nice view of the woods behind me!);
and is a space that resonates ME...

honestly I need to work on that.
Get rid of the OLD to make room for the new

really room for the present , then the new.

In working with my life coach ( who was amazing) I realized the very basic thing that could make me more inclined to do the things I love is to set up MY SPACE as a really welcoming, joyous one with only the things I need to do the things I love in my spare time.

Well in setting the intention...
COVID is over...

I want a lover that enters my world.

Not just one who is a happy when I enter his.

There is my intention.

So first and foremost I am creating this space in the vision I want FOR ME. I already did some of that personalization of course. But I am ready to think about what FURNITURE I really WANT in this space.
The king size bed frame is overkill. It has had a queen matress on it for some time. I want to re-claim some of that excess space it takes up.
I want a desk for creative writing.
I NEED that in my own space.

So there is work to be done; but good to articulate and set GOALS.

So yes,,, I asked my General MD for Valtrex as I do so enjoy when have a regular lover! I would love to have such spend time here.

Valtrex is really a preventative I take for others' benefit.

Just not worth it unless I have a regular partner. But yeah,,, that is something I do apprechiate in life. Due to fill that void...
Will see what/ who manifests once put that intention out there!

Universe Look forward to your delivery...and will keep eyes open with attention so as not to miss it.

So yeah, I am cleaning out clutter.

Removing the old to prepare space and self ready for new growth.

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