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2021-07-25 - 8:47 a.m.

9am or 10 am is the typical time for Sunday Mass; or then the Noon Mass

Why oh why would 10:30 AM seem to be the PERFECT time for me?

Sunday morning is the one morning my body seems to want to sleep in. I wake later than usual, on Sundays typically around 7:30 or 8am. And then I love to enjoy leaisurely reading if I am in the middle of a good book I dozed off when reading.

I love to slowly wake up, eat something...
make a cup of tea and let it steep.

THEN, ( as in just now) When it is PERFECT and ready to slowly sip...

it is actually time to get moving and get up and go...


Sunday mornings one should just NOT have to worry about being late!!

I mean can't there be ONE DAY out of the week that I can just leisurely enjoy a day without having to have awareness of TIME

Just one??


This is why I am a deacon at church rather than sing in the choir.

Singing (not to mention was off limits during COVID) requires getting there a whole hour early to learn the songs and practice. Just too much of a commitment for me and eats into the one morning I can relax a bit.

I am just not yet up to that as of yet. MAYBE if I shift morning routine and start waking early EVERY DAY.

When that happens 10AM seems late in day.

Not there at this point.

I am taking just a few minutes to savor a bit of this Cardamon tea. I found it at the international market and it sat in the cupborad like a secret present for me to find as I forgot about it amongs all the treats brought home.

I Love going to the International Market! So many foods that are unique and savory and different from what we find at the local grocer.

My bill is always astoundingly lower for much more food, full of treats.

This tea is lovely...

Enough of both vent and appreciation of the moment of this cup of half drunken tea. I suppose I can carry it as I walk the dog this AM. (Again I had to have a RUSHED dog walk! Leisurely morning walks are something I cherish.)

I have to add however, that is it SO joyful to me to be working part time and have balance! I SO enjoy my normal morning leisurely dog walks kinda built into that morning routine. But sleeping in later on Sunday means Trixie gets a shorter walk Sunday mornings and I make up for it in the afternoon.

She has been happy getting out with me plenty. We ran the trail this week on a longer run one day this week and it was so lovely. It was not really a LONG run, just what USED to be my short run loop around town and onto the WO&D trail which is shady and cool.

I went on vacation to visit my oldest two beautiful beings of young adults I birthed. That was just an incredible time with them. We weirdly had healing to do... It was work, emotional work the first few days I think I did not anticipate at all.
I mean I KNEW I wanted to travel and spend time with just them.

I had a few folks inquire about traveling with me... I extended an offer to one knowing that he would not follow up but figuring it would be OK if he did as he respects my boundaries really well would have gotten his own hotel and enterained self while we had a date or two there but understood the time was with my kids first and foremost.

But truth be told I was actually glad he did not make the travel plans.

I know that may be selfish... but that time with my kids was the #1 priority.

It was really important.

In any case.. we swam in the ocean EVERY DAY. Went to a different beach EVERY Day and hiked in the mountains and took in the absolute beutyf of the tropical place my son lives in.

It was an increadibly beautiful space and the climate promotes such a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is outdoors and even when indoors the temperate climate means windows are open and essentially one is still connected to nature rather than being cut off shut up in enclosed spaces wtihout movement of air.
That was the #1 thing I was surprised by noticing the difference in environments.

It is an interesting thing as m whole house air conditioning systems which I needed to have serviced to add freon every year as it is old, just gave out this year. It needs a new compressor.

The replacement cost is high of course. About $7K a fair estimate in this market, anywhere between 4.5 and 10 as I bet if I shop around I can get the cheaper price point. It all depends on who you know... what kinds of sourcing they have and their labor costs... cost of bulk buying etc...

The thing is the guy who can do it on the cheap technically works for his family company but runs a side hustle.
I know its business...

But I have this weird stickler thing about someone stealing other people's business ...

I know as a customer it might be weird to consider the ethical considerations..

BUt I would prefer to save for the 10 K and hire the FAMILY business for what is the better quality product ( perhaps? or perhaps SAME) and support that whole company that has serviced me well

Than go for the side hustle of the one son....

even if his buddy and he who he assures are legit, fully bonded and insured ...and will cut the price a few thousand.

I mean is it the same supplier with same product he is sourcing from ( I think he said NO... honestly told me not as quite high end but really all I NEED....)

HE was up front I think about that. And upfront about his reasons for running his own side hustle.

He is the son doing the labor but not with the equity ownership. NO that is going to the Brother who went to college with the finance degree that handles the negotiations, pricing and paper pushing.

So again it the the egocentric value of those with education thinking their work more valuable in a market than the laboroer doign physical work..
THAT makes me WANT to just hire the brother doing his side thing.

And honestly in the family business, he is doing the servicing and install and he does GREAT work and his honest and ethical.

I mean I can't blame him for his side hustle just cause his brother was better at school and able to manage the accounting..

So that is a conflict for me in decisioning...

OR do I not decide between the two...

and go with a subpar but sufficient ( potentially crappy? ) Product by purchasing a home warranty service, pay a few months then have them come out and replace my whole house air conditining comressor... or if too old .. . the whole darn until with what will essentially be the heating cooling insustrgty standard of the Wal Mart Special?

Nothing wrong with Wal Mart Specials which are sources in bulk based on study and experience of what is decent ENOUGH... good enough... for mass use and bulk discounts and will make MOST people happy.

My neighbor and her husband went that route in the house they then sold and said it was the best choice for her.

I found a service that was offering $39.99 down from 49.99 a month and $69 dollars service call I believe... had I signed up THEN AND THERE as they gave the hard sell sales call. I said NO.

They have shitty review from Better Business Bureau Which says alot as companies PAY to be in that review service!! The good ones are about $60 a month and have $100 a pop service calls now from what I am gleaning from my basic research...

Choices... choices..

and truth be told if it were not to mitigate moisture and mold ....
to keep house DRY in this humid climate...

(We don't get the drying heat and wind of the tropics)

I would SO prefer to NOT have an air conditioner at all and deal with fans and windows open at night, shutting the house up to keep it cool during the day...

with the one room window AC in the basement for those who need it on the 90degree and hotter days in our basement.

I SWEAR my family has been HEALTHIER with both the fresh air and the noises of NATURE in our space.
We hear the cicadas ( which I so enjoy!) and the birds and dogs barking and kids playing.

I think it is so much healthier than the shut up house; EVEN when dealing with the super hot summer days. My freezer is stocked with ice pops.

Liquid IV and ice pops and everyone is hydrated and healther than they have been in the past few years I think since the house has been opened out of necessity when the AC broke and summer heat hit.

Fascinating to me.

Now if only I could get them to the pool with me!

I started to write that since being back from swimming in the ocean daily I am delighted not only to be running, and going to dance class a few days a week in a routine, but also

SWIMMING in my community pool a few days a week! It is SO wonderful! I found the perfect time when it is literally empty! Just at dinner time for the moms with kids. A bit before in the evening they all leave this outdoor pool and it is wonderfully EMPTY.

My COVID fearing kids , fully vaccinated are still not out of the mindset it is not safe to go anywhere. I really am not successful in convincing them it is safe to go to an empty outdoor community pool.

CE LA VIe....

Physicals scheduled soon so they can all manage their healthy and listen to their Doctors.

It is out of my hands. Just concerning as they are convinced exercise is not good for those with POTS and that those with POTS CANNOT Exercise which is just plain WRONG.

Those with POTS need to take it easy and be gentle and only do what they can. Very different from NO exercise. I wish I could find a reasonable affordable PT to do home visits.

THAT is on my bucket list for them. Found one that did not take insurance so am going to search for a PT that takes their insurance. That could be game changing I think... of life changing.


I just realized one of my besties...


JUST TOLD Me of her secret other life. We work together in the business world and have been friends for years.

SEE The morning pages are SO ESSENTIAL TO ME...

this is where ideas incubate... then come to fruitiion.

that doens't happen without carving out this time. EVEN if need to leave.... even if the tea I complained could not drink got cold as I allowed my stream of conciousness to flow....

mmm luke warm... still delicious...

I will be on time... DOG Walk AFTER church now LOL ( I already let her in the backyard.)

My friend shared how for MONTHS she has been working as a PT assistant at a local hospital AND LOVES IT.

She has two degrees: Computer Science ( We worked together in Operations; when I did the work on the build team of an operations system and then when I worked on teh systems itself as data operations analyst)

AND Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy was her FIRST degree and her joy ...

the other was her ambition and her desire to carve out a life of abundance.

I WAS SO HAPPY to encourage and support her as she recently decided to retire.

I did so not knowing she had another job already but knowing how MISEARBLE and unhappy she was at our former employer. (Toxic boss... just not worth it.)

So it was with such joy I heard about her career in physical therapy!

I listened and in that moment didn't think of my clan at all.
It was time to listen to her story, her world.

Maybe however she will be interested in learning of how to work with POTS patients. That would be just amazing if she would find it of interest....

And idea to not forget to follow up on...

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