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2021-07-30 - 12:55 a.m.

I need to go to sleep! A musician I am a fan of was interviewed in a beautiful videologue piece by The Washington Post in creative artist series. I saw it posted as I was finishing work and just had his songs and persona on my mind. I say persona as don't know him, just the image of him when performing.

Fan girl here...or rather fan woman....

I wrote a few songs...sang into my phone voice-mail after thinking of him...

One about the discovering of this wonderful musician at the local bar ( based on when I recall hearing him play for the first time.)

Came home and walked the dog but then wanted to watch the video I did not yet see. BUT FIRST....
OBSESSED and watched/listened to other tunes of his.

He is so talented.
I don't stay up late often....

But it was like I needed me time after working 2nd shift helping out the retirement community all week as one staff there on vacation.

Now to bed....

Lol was going to share the video as thought it was copied...

Oops wrong link... this was fir the son of one of my friends. . . What the heck will leave it here as maybe it will help someone.


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